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Words With Friends March 2014 Daily

Won 17 out of 30 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
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completed games is 9.07

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Start Date: 2014-03-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 31
Player Status: Reached Round 31

March 2014 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] Annieport (not rated)446Won
cisco333 361Lost
Annieport says: The tiles fell my way with a bingo on a TW. That didn't keep Sandra from fighting back with 2 bingos of her own. GG!
[2] Annieport 513Won
COcanuck 330Lost
Annieport says: 111 pt GRAZE on tl/tw gave me the edge over Michael. Great sport!
[3] Annieport (not rated)398Won
Janma53 369Lost
Annieport says: Lucky to hold the lead against Janet. Great game!
[4] Annieport 422Lost
NiftyStorm 598Won
Annieport says: Outdone by far, by a talented player. Great game- great bingo sunk me: INEXPERT on the TW/ TL! What a play!
[5] Annieport 437Lost
milmead 516Won
Annieport says: Wonderful, quick game with a talented newcomer. Welcome aboard, Marilyn!
milmead says: such a lovely lady - we had a lovely chatty game but my tiles were superior
[6] Annieport 462Won
Viking345 406Lost
Annieport says: great game!
[7] Annieport (not rated)347Lost
Ayol2000 (not rated)399Won
[8] Annieport 445Lost
Mias_dad 449Won
Annieport says: Mark lead the whole way. Am glad to have kept it to 4 point spread. Well done!
Mias_dad says: Great game with Annie, I got stuck with the Q and thought it would cost me, but just had enough!
[9] Annieport 335Lost
fcaravella  (not rated)427Won
[10] Annieport (not rated)475Won
Cookiemnst 357Lost
Annieport says: Finally had great luck with letters in this fast battle of the hemispheres! Good game, Sonja!
[11] Annieport 406Lost
MarranK (not rated)433Won
MarranK says: Annie was ahead most of the game but some great tiles at the end allowed me to eke one out
[12] Annieport (not rated)408Won
Xiong88 317Lost
Annieport says: Very uneven tiles today, sorry Derrick.
[13] Annieport (not rated)437Lost
m A R T y 3 462Won
Annieport says: Great game!
[14] Annieport 459Won
Janma53 424Lost
Annieport says: Close game all the way.
[15] Annieport (not rated)0In Progress
Tee252525 (not rated)0Reported
[16] Annieport 369Lost
chascain 447Won
Annieport says: Great game Charlie!
chascain says: Neck n neck till the last 2 game!
[17] Annieport (not rated)363Lost
mo818 402Won
Annieport says: Close game all the way!
[18] Annieport (not rated)428Won
Takeu2thewordshed 401Lost
Annieport says: Very lucky to hold on in this battle. Great game, Lonny.
[19] Annieport 331Lost
Janma53 (not rated)405Won
[20] Annieport (not rated)423Won
Aspertoli 381Lost
Annieport says: Arden came storming back from quite a deficit. Lucky to hold on for a win.
[21] Annieport 319Lost
kenajos 425Won
Annieport says: I broke 300! :D
[22] Annieport 411Won
JeanneBozzetti 406Lost
Annieport says: All the way- great blow-by blow duel to the end. No claws were unleashed, nor bodily harm committed in this game! Super opponent!
JeanneBozzetti says: Great neck-n-neck game!
[23] Annieport (not rated)448Won
Joe on the go 295Lost
Annieport says: Lopsided tiles favored me today.
[24] Annieport (not rated)418Won
TrinaPDX 406Lost
Annieport says: Escaped the relentless pursuit of an excellent opponent. Great game.
[25] Annieport (not rated)402Won
davegenius 391Lost
Annieport says: Only sheer luck kept me a baby step ahead of Dave. Well-played.
[26] Annieport (not rated)432Won
Janma53 384Lost
Annieport says: Got all the premiums and still barely escaped Janet's relentless play.
[27] Annieport 329Lost
Xiong88 406Won
[28] Annieport 369Lost
milmead (not rated)411Won
milmead says: a game of mixed fortunes - Annie led first half and then my luck changed!
[29] Annieport (not rated)478Won
swfreeman 311Lost
Annieport says: The tiles were heavily in my favor. Always a solid game and good attitude from Susan. Rare bingo out for the finale.
[30] Annieport 421Won
JeanneBozzetti 393Lost
Annieport says: A battle royale from start to finish- very fun, and fortunate to come out just ahead against a great player!
[31] Annieport (not rated)404Won
briguynyc1 351Lost
Annieport says: Fortunate to get letters to play the Q twice at the very end. GG Brian.
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."