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Words With Friends January 2014 Daily

Won 14 out of 24 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 42

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Start Date: 2014-01-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 28
Player Status: Reached Round 31

January 2014 Daily
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[8] muteone (not rated)412Won
rhw7575 405Lost
muteone says: Great game with Rennie.
[9] muteone (not rated)464Won
RoosterByron 372Lost
muteone says: Had the luck of the premium tiles for this game. Good quick game with Sean.
RoosterByron says: I had some luck with some vowels!!! good game
[10] muteone (not rated)551Won
kartro 333Lost
muteone says: The tile god was shining on me this game! Kari hung in there though.
[11] muteone (not rated)447Won
Joe on the go 321Lost
[12] muteone 418Lost
Tiler8 (not rated)429Won
Tiler8 says: This one could've been anybody's game... Tracy nearly had me!
[13] muteone (not rated)550Won
BarnacleC 368Lost
[14] muteone (not rated)422Won
honeyjag 385Lost
muteone says: Great game with Roxanne!
[15] muteone 529Won
enchantingviolet 380Lost
muteone says: Nice quick game with Jessica! I got an early lead with a bingo that helped keep me in front though. Til next time!
[16] muteone (not rated)459Won
JND65 408Lost
muteone says: Great game with Jeff! Woohoo!
[17] muteone 360Lost
aph57 (not rated)408Won
[18] muteone 387Lost
CCThommo 414Won
muteone says: I lost, Pats lost! sigh.... Always fun to play my friend Marcel!
CCThommo says: Another game to savour! An arm wrestle, decided only via an empty tile pile! Thanks Tracy, well played! Hope your Pats get it done today!
[19] muteone 428Lost
m A R T y 3 478Won
muteone says: Marty rallied! Exceptional fun game with a talented player.
m A R T y 3 says: Flamboyant game with Tracy. Fun right throug especially the end bit, lol
[20] muteone (not rated)393Won
zoom zoom 63 376Lost
muteone says: A close game with a fellow Oregonian!
[21] muteone (not rated)452Won
aph57 373Lost
muteone says: Another great game with a tough player. No vowels made it tough for her.
[22] muteone 402Lost
OkieOma 473Won
muteone says: RIOJAS started the ball rolling for Jimmie. Excellent game and well deserved win!
OkieOma says: Fast-paced with very pleasant Tracy.
[23] muteone (not rated)453Lost
BumbleB79 515Won
muteone says: James plays a walloping good game!
[24] muteone (not rated)392Won
gamma112602 338Incomplete
muteone says: Sylvia hasn't played in over 24 hours.
[25] muteone (not rated)407Lost
winojunko 482Won
muteone says: Good fun!
[26] muteone 395Lost
bbguard 479Won
muteone says: Fast and furious game with Benny! But the tiles favored Benny. Excellent game.
bbguard says: Thanks Tracy!
[27] muteone (not rated)534Won
Asterix22 321Lost
[28] muteone (not rated)377Lost
Oath Keeper 396Won
muteone says: It came down to the Q and J. And Dan had the right moves! Great game!
Oath Keeper says: Awesome Game with Tracy! :)
[29] muteone 428Lost
NiftyStorm 499Won
muteone says: Terry dominated! Great to play a fellow Oregonian!
NiftyStorm says: Word domination is just my side gig. : )
[30] muteone (not rated)473Won
Gaskethawkins 370Lost
muteone says: Tough board. We wrastled our way through. Drawing the J on my last draw clinched it for me. Well played, Doug!
[31] muteone (not rated)524Won
Qples 326Lost
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."