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Words With Friends March 2013 Daily

Won 15 out of 31 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 10.65

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Start Date: 2013-03-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 31
Player Status: Reached Round 31

March 2013 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] Annieport 358Lost
Takeu2thewordshed 413Won
[2] Annieport (not rated)380Won
sen69 370Lost
Annieport says: Late game bingo by Sara made this a real battle. Fun from start to finish!
[3] Annieport 357Lost
NEURAL STASIS (not rated)485Won
[4] Annieport 358Lost
boydnation 394Won
Annieport says: Great game once I got some vowels. Fine opponent.
boydnation says: Great game, thanks.
[5] Annieport (not rated)380Won
Robz32 336Lost
Annieport says: Close, fast game!
[6] Annieport 415Lost
Humff 420Won
[7] Annieport (not rated)397Won
nickicarm 348Lost
nickicarm says: "Plenish" and "yegg" put Annie in the lead. Congratulations, Annie.
[8] Annieport (not rated)433Won
Vivrob 429Lost
Annieport says: Unexpected win came down to getting out first. Great competitive game throughout!
[9] Annieport 362Lost
SherlockJr. 390Won
[10] Annieport (not rated)374Won
Tex3366 361Lost
Annieport says: Close game. Lucky to finish ahead. Thanks Tex!
[11] Annieport 399Lost
Humff 436Won
[12] Annieport 393Lost
kenajos (not rated)406Won
[13] Annieport (not rated)402Won
liliavo 392Lost
Annieport says: Lucky late-game bingo and getting out first won against an excellent player.
[14] Annieport 389Lost
favrerer 439Won
favrerer says: This was close all the way. Annie is a very good player.
[15] Annieport 491Won
Lausdeo7 353Lost
Annieport says: Incredible early letters allowed me 3 bingos. Lausdeo was still gracious and competitive to the end.
[16] Annieport 389Lost
dibfam4 416Won
Annieport says: Great competition from start to finish!
dibfam4 says: I finished with EQUAL on a DW, DW to steal the win on the second last play, Gg thanks
[17] Annieport 382Lost
Asterix22 (not rated)389Won
[18] Annieport (not rated)442Won
Vivrob 404Lost
Annieport says: Another fun battle to the end.
[19] Annieport (not rated)458Won
Humff 312Lost
Annieport says: The tiles went my way most of the game. Next time, Humff!
[20] Annieport 429Won
OkieOma 402Lost
Annieport says: Fast and fun! Trailed the whole way with a lucky break on a TW- haika/half allowing me to eke out the win.
OkieOma says: Great game with a very nice lady.
[21] Annieport (not rated)400Won
dlmoore47 386Lost
Annieport says: Excellent game; very close to the very end. Well done, dlmoore!
[22] Annieport (not rated)471Won
COcanuck 309Lost
Annieport says: Tiles and open spots definitely fell my way.
[23] Annieport 391Lost
Andy Lathom (not rated)420Won
[24] Annieport (not rated)463Won
Debbie Gemma 299Lost
Annieport says: 2 bingos and lucky letters kept Debbie at bay. This time, anyway. Good game!
[25] Annieport (not rated)361Lost
eva2u (not rated)378Won
[26] Annieport 409Lost
gwiznyc 415Won
Annieport says: Aha- that's where my lead went! Honestly didn't see the 1, just 39. Touche! Great game.
gwiznyc says: Lucky to play zaps for 139 pts near end to comeback. Great tough opponent and game!
[27] Annieport 433Lost
Purplepash 445Won
Annieport says: Very fun. The Q and Z arrived way too late to do much good.
Purplepash says: Great game. I had to be wary in the endgame to just hang on to my lead.
[28] Annieport 399Lost
COcanuck 502Won
Annieport says: Tormented by bingos and great plays. Well done!
COcanuck says: Complete reversal from our game earlier this month! :-)
[29] Annieport (not rated)396Won
Debbie Gemma 362Lost
Annieport says: Great competition and understanding opponent. She understood Roughie, for a bingo on a TW SHOULD be acceptable. Zynga, schmynga.
[30] Annieport 343Lost
!mmmm! 345Won
Annieport says: Wonderful, close game from start to finish. !mmmm! blocked my bingo exit play for an exciting win.
[31] Annieport (not rated)402Won
jesjospatxy 370Lost
Annieport says: 3 days of pure competition, right down to the last play. Excellent match : )
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."