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Words With Friends April 2016 Daily

Won 13 out of 15 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
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completed games is 52.27

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Piano Jeff

Start Date: 2016-03-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 30
Player Status: Reached Round 21

April 2016 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] *** Not Active This Round ***
[2] Piano Jeff 530Won
83submariner 273Lost
Piano Jeff says: Depth charges appeared to sink the disemvoweled submarine from the very first rack.
83submariner says: Jeff is a fun opponent! I was no competition for him this time...
[3] Piano Jeff 422Won
liliavo 371Lost
Piano Jeff says: We were both on fire and it was a great match that did it! :)
[4] Piano Jeff 520Won
NikitaN15 338Lost
Piano Jeff says: Really nice guy and a pleasure meeting someone who lives in India. I feel very wordly now :)
[5] Piano Jeff 412Won
gwiznyc 400Lost
Piano Jeff says: Great close game against a rare honest and nice person
[6] Piano Jeff 458Won
lwb2012 443Lost
Piano Jeff says: what a nailbiter! one of the most interesting and strategic games i've played in a long time. thanks, larry :)
lwb2012 says: Concur.. Great Chat.. Jeff is a skilled player
[7] Piano Jeff (not rated)462Won
Humff 422Lost
Piano Jeff says: Got lucky being dealt GAUZIER on my first rack and was able to keep that cushion, though Jason gave me a run for my money at the end.
Humff says: The downside of making a winning start to the month is the likelihood of running into Jeff next. Formidable opponent!
[8] Piano Jeff 474Won
Trueheartd 405Lost
Piano Jeff says: Beck and I were neck & neck until I had the EDACITY to be greedy and scarf down the entire DJINner plate. A sweet gal & tough competitor :)
Trueheartd says: Had a great time playing Jeff the comedian. Looking forward to another game.
[9] Piano Jeff 399Lost
SibelA49 408Won
Piano Jeff says: Sibel disrespects her opponents. I always get 5 stars, she gets 1 star. Who's right? Proof is in the evidence :)
SibelA49 says: Insulted without provocation. Screenshots of chat sent to admin. Will share with others if asked. Who's right? Proof is in the evidence. :)
[10] Piano Jeff 490Won
m A R T y 3 486Lost
Piano Jeff says: What's an earful of cider amongst good friends? Marty is still the champ in my book :)
m A R T y 3 says: Great Scott, Jeff schooled me in an end game to end all. I was 90 ahead but stuck with Q, so he clawed back 1 or 2 tiles at a time
[11] Piano Jeff 451Won
GuySavior 326Lost
Piano Jeff says: Sammy is a fair and honest player with a good heart. Fun to play and a good competitor :)
GuySavior says: Well played Jeff. Good player!
[12] Piano Jeff 442Won
Ookla The Mok 381Lost
Piano Jeff says: I got both blanks in my first two turns. Jeff never had a chance to catch up.
Ookla The Mok says: Great game! Next time, Jeff will win for sure! :)
[13] Piano Jeff 496Won
SibelA49 493Lost
Piano Jeff says: She got 2 lucky bingos for 131 & 115 points, but my smart, consistent, steady play prevailed in the end. Skill outfoxed & defeated luck :)
SibelA49 says: Jeff's 'skill' takes him 10-20 seconds to play EVERY move. Had I not been unlucky with my final hand, I would have won.
[14] *** Not Active This Round ***
[15] Piano Jeff 418Won
MM_2210 412Lost
Piano Jeff says: Close to the edge, down by a river...Seasons will pass you by...I get up, I get down...
[16] Piano Jeff 391Lost
Mias_dad 485Won
Piano Jeff says: Mark's HEADHUNTers and BOGEYmen easily LOCATED my poor, defenseless tiles and then POUF...his VIXENS finished me off.
Mias_dad says: HEADHUNT for 100+ early on gave me a good lead to defend, Jeff didn't have much to work wth. Good game dude!
[17] Piano Jeff (not rated)485Won
babstoyfish 423Lost
Piano Jeff says: Babs kept it close in spite of my bingo advantage and better tiles. She's one tough cookie!
[18] *** Not Active This Round ***
[19] *** Not Active This Round ***
[20] Piano Jeff (not rated)0Result Not
SibelA49 (not rated)0Reported
[21] Piano Jeff (not rated)0Result Not
MarranK (not rated)0In Progress
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."