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Words With Friends February 2015 Daily

Won 20 out of 28 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 26.86

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Start Date: 2015-02-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 28
Player Status: Reached Round 28

February 2015 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] Jbeckham 518Won
allenscott88 368Lost
Jbeckham says: All tiles fell my way. Allen is a good player!
[2] Jbeckham (not rated)471Won
briguynyc1 385Lost
Jbeckham says: A lucky bingo made the difference. Brian is an excellent competitor!
[3] Jbeckham 603Won
milmead 363Lost
Jbeckham says: Every break went my way against and outstanding competitor!!! 6-5 all time.
milmead says: I was swept away in a tsunami of ludicrously high scores the highest of which was 163 for CEREBRAL!
[4] Jbeckham 420Won
Lady Luck 72 407Lost
Jbeckham says: Just squeaked by at the end. Janet is always a tough competitor!
Lady Luck 72 says: Always fun playing against Jim, great game.
[5] Jbeckham (not rated)520Won
Jacqcamp 408Lost
Jbeckham says: Close game until late tile windfall. Jacqui is a strong player!
[6] Jbeckham (not rated)486Won
Tretony 402Lost
Jbeckham says: Tiles trended my way. Tony is alawys one of the toughest competitors!
[7] Jbeckham 400Lost
RMD1961 463Won
Jbeckham says: Simply outplayed by a master. Richard is great!
RMD1961 says: 4 pretty simple bingos would make anyone look great! Jim will smack me back soon
[8] Jbeckham 448Lost
milmead 458Won
Jbeckham says: Fast game, so the pain was over quickly. Marilyn an outstanding classy competitor!
milmead says: can only beat the awesome Jim when he is over tired and catch him out with a number of high value tiles!
[9] Jbeckham (not rated)451Won
Scrabblemond 379Lost
Jbeckham says: The tiles were kind to me against one of the best players!
Scrabblemond says: A true delight to play against such a redoubtable and astute opponent.
[10] Jbeckham 373Lost
Mias_dad 397Won
Jbeckham says: Just couldn't catch Mark once he took the lead. Outstanding classy competitor!
Mias_dad says: Great game with Jim, as always, I shaded the premiums today to keep my nose in front.
[11] Jbeckham (not rated)458Won
catfromhell7 420Lost
Jbeckham says: Was barely able to stay ahead of Melinda. Excellent player!
[12] Jbeckham (not rated)423Won
honjunter13 408Lost
Jbeckham says: The first time I've had an opponent go back and erase the scores of our game!!!!!
[13] Jbeckham 323Lost
OkieOma 442Won
Jbeckham says: I felt like I was attacked by a boa constrictor. Jimmie's defense was the best I've seen!
OkieOma says: My first ever win with Jim. Damn, that feels good.
[14] Jbeckham (not rated)492Won
SoonerSelf 458Lost
Jbeckham says: Managed to hold an early lead. Not easy against a quality opponent like Adam!
[15] Jbeckham 449Won
milmead 396Lost
Jbeckham says: Caught Marilyn while she's concentrating on the Monthly. One of the classiest players around!
milmead says: Ha ha - he had me well and truly beaten from the start but a pleasure to lose to a gentleman!
[16] Jbeckham 344Lost
dae_eos 424Won
Jbeckham says: Dae is my toughest competitor hands down. 5 losses and not one win so far.
dae_eos says: Not at all Jim, you were just unlucky each time you met me!
[17] Jbeckham (not rated)449Won
Birds5 443Lost
Jbeckham says: Finally, after about 20 lead changes... Barbara is a top-notch competitor!
[18] Jbeckham 461Won
swiftomaniac 381Lost
Jbeckham says: All the tiles fell my way. Jim is an incredible player!
swiftomaniac says: Way to go Jimbeck,I didn't have a chance!!
[19] Jbeckham 387Lost
OkieOma 409Won
Jbeckham says: Jimmie is heading for world domination! Talented, fun player!
OkieOma says: Wow! Two times in a row. This one was very tight.
[20] Jbeckham (not rated)453Won
janealmalu 410Lost
Jbeckham says: Managed to maintain a lead at the end. Jane is an excellent strategist!
[21] Jbeckham (not rated)442Won
Jonnchgo1 441Lost
Jbeckham says: Closest game of the year. John is an excellent player!
[22] Jbeckham (not rated)434Won
lwb2012 406Lost
Jbeckham says: Great close game all the way. Larry is a strong, classy competitor!
[23] Jbeckham (not rated)412Won
babstoyfish 392Lost
Jbeckham says: Tight game to the very end. Babs is a tough, fun opponent! Great chat.
[24] Jbeckham 369Lost
RMD1961 457Won
Jbeckham says: Good game. Richard was walking away with it at the end!
RMD1961 says: Drew everything but one blank
[25] Jbeckham (not rated)417Won
alpharunner 391Lost
Jbeckham says: Great game. Mark is an outstanding player!
[26] Jbeckham (not rated)463Won
lwb2012 416Lost
Jbeckham says: Great game start to finish. Larry is a great competitor!
[27] Jbeckham 397Lost
AdamH862 454Won
Jbeckham says: Unfortunately I ran headlong into the hottest player in the tournament. Great competitor!
[28] Jbeckham 453Won
dae_eos 386Lost
Jbeckham says: My first win against the Master!!! Dae is an outstanding strategist!
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."