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Words With Friends February 2015 Daily

Won 15 out of 28 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 3.96

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Start Date: 2015-02-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 28
Player Status: Reached Round 28

February 2015 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] Annieport (not rated)430Won
Buchoy 337Lost
Annieport says: Good game!
[2] Annieport (not rated)495Won
JenRose3734 404Lost
Annieport says: Great letters swung things my way. Excellent and fast opponent!
[3] Annieport 335Lost
muteone 438Won
Annieport says: Great game!
muteone says: Great game with Annie. Close until I hit a 90 pt one late in game. Fun chat.
[4] Annieport (not rated)443Won
ChanceByFate 403Lost
Annieport says: Excellent game on a tough board.
[5] Annieport 434Lost
Lady Luck 72 455Won
Annieport says: A fun slugfest against Janet's lucky legit 4 bingo day! I was lucky to contend. A pleasure. Great competition. 😄
Lady Luck 72 says: Always a pleasure playing against a great opponent. Thanks Annie. Nice chatting with you.
[6] Annieport (not rated)374Lost
Dac510 383Won
Annieport says: Excellent game! My only hope was to outscore her remaining Q with 6 vowels and a blank to finish.😁 Mission Impossible.
Dac510 says: Excellent game! Annie was nipping at my heels, what a competitor!!
[7] Annieport (not rated)468Won
MrGlenn60 321Lost
Annieport says: Very lopsided tiles. Gracious opponent.
[8] Annieport (not rated)435Won
COcanuck 389Lost
Annieport says: Good game.
[9] Annieport (not rated)375Lost
alpharunner 451Won
Annieport says: Bucket List: beat Mark sometime this lifetime😀 Good game!
[10] Annieport (not rated)419Won
locustrdpat 386Lost
Annieport says: Good, quick player. Great game.
[11] Annieport 331Lost
Tretony 476Won
[12] Annieport 378Lost
The Bronx bomber 473Won
[13] Annieport 378Lost
ChanceByFate 385Won
Annieport says: Excellent game, except you won! Very well played!
ChanceByFate says: Great game as always with Annie, we are sooo evenly matched- solid 50-50 Clubbers! lol
[14] Annieport (not rated)433Won
cisco333 339Lost
Annieport says: Got lucky with a couple tws. Good game!
[15] Annieport (not rated)405Won
AngusLaidlaw 323Lost
Annieport says: Unfair combat with a great contender and sufferer in silence- a gentleman. I had all the breaks with tiles.
[16] Annieport (not rated)460Won
Heagle 390Lost
Annieport says: Very close until the last few plays. Good game, as usual!
[17] Annieport (not rated)414Won
locustrdpat 406Lost
Annieport says: outplayed but won by virtue of tiles left in Pat's rack. Well-played throughout.
[18] Annieport 386Lost
Lady Luck 72 436Won
Annieport says: Good game!
Lady Luck 72 says: Alway fun when I get to play and chat with Annie.
[19] Annieport (not rated)374Lost
timblamo 505Won
[20] Annieport (not rated)491Won
eva2u 407In Progress
Annieport says: great tiles- 2 bingos each. My luck was just a little better. Great game.
[21] Annieport (not rated)435Won
JenRose3734 380Lost
Annieport says: Unpleasant game with demanding, inflexible, selfish, petulant poor sport. Lacks insight into civility. Reported. Recognized her haranguing
JenRose3734 says: You want me to play at your convenience. You are the worst player I played with since I joined the cite.
[22] Annieport 328Lost
liliavo 448Won
Annieport says: Great game! Hope you feel better soon.
liliavo says: Fun, friendly, understanding opponent! Look forward to our next meeting, Annie!
[23] Annieport 486Won
Secretary of Beverages 353Lost
Annieport says: Much closer score til my favorite beverage Secretary set up a whopper ZONE play on tl/tw as a parting gift. GG!👍
Secretary of Beverages says: That's touching...wait a minute, I'm your ONLY beverage secretary. You're welcome, anyway.
[24] Annieport 369Lost
OGR8 378Won
Annieport says: Entered wrong game earlier. Len is a fast, fun player and always fun in chat! Wonderful game. G'day!
OGR8 says: Great with Annie. Just for the patter ! Lots of fun
[25] Annieport (not rated)401Won
honjunter13 400Lost
Annieport says: Excellent game from start to finish. Well played, Jon.
[26] Annieport 356Lost
Lady Luck 72 495Won
Annieport says: Janet had a stellar game, a talented and cunning player. I broke 350 against her. That counts! Always fun and fast.
Lady Luck 72 says: Always fun when I get to play Annie. Nice chatting and catching up.
[27] Annieport 427Lost
milmead 444Won
Annieport says: Fabulous game with one of the best. Odd technical glitch held us up for hours, but didn't dim the fun. Well played!
milmead says: always a lovely game with Annie and it's not the winning just the pleasure of a good game
[28] Annieport (not rated)429Won
eva2u 373Lost
Annieport says: Wonderful game and chat. Look forward to our next duel! Appreciate your flexibility with my weekend schedule.
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."