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Words With Friends October 2014 Daily

Won 17 out of 31 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 14.77

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Start Date: 2014-10-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 31
Player Status: Reached Round 31

October 2014 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] milmead 451Lost
bncanton (not rated)471Won
bncanton says: The tiles were in my favor at the end and allowed me to recover! Great game
[2] milmead (not rated)481Won
Broadwaybaby61 403Lost
milmead says: Huge disparity in tile gift from the gods resulted in Anita being left behind!
[3] milmead (not rated)413Won
Oath Keeper 342Lost
milmead says: Last rack gave me a lovely bingo which sealed me a very evenly balanced game
[4] milmead 424Won
Jbeckham 399Lost
milmead says: Tiles were evenly distributed resulting in close finish which could have gone either way. Always a pleasure Jim
Jbeckham says: Close game all the way. Marilyn is a skilled classy player!
[5] milmead 477Won
OzGuff 425Lost
milmead says: The tile gods just kept giving and giving. Graeme did well to keep fairly abreast! Great opponent
OzGuff says: What she said. I have apparently offended the tile gods...
[6] milmead 446Lost
TerriL1125 (not rated)455Won
milmead says: All down to who pulled the J and K in penultimate round. The tile gods have deserted me today! Fab player
TerriL1125 says: Outstanding opponent, came down to the last few tiles - could have gone the other way easily. Marilyn is also a very nice person to chat wi
[7] milmead (not rated)461Lost
eva2u (not rated)469Won
[8] milmead (not rated)402Won
AngusLaidlaw 359Lost
milmead says: Nice quick close game - who can ask for more?
[9] milmead 370Lost
Words_Fiend (not rated)565Won
[10] milmead (not rated)371Lost
Trippster2 (not rated)508Won
[11] milmead (not rated)497Won
alpharunner 361Lost
milmead says: Mark never stood a chance with the pure gold tiles which were poured on me by the gods! Lovely guy
[12] milmead (not rated)454Won
eva2u 370Lost
[13] milmead (not rated)473Won
Scrabblemond 381Lost
milmead says: Another lucky round of tiles for me resulted in Mond not being able to catch up
[14] milmead 418Lost
Jbeckham 466Won
milmead says: Defeated by the master in a painless fashion. Always a pleasure
Jbeckham says: My first win against one of the best. Marilyn is consistently excellent!
[15] milmead 364Lost
Loganboy1 (not rated)450Won
[16] milmead (not rated)486Won
BumbleB79 (not rated)398Lost
[17] milmead (not rated)547Won
ArabianPeacock (not rated)378Lost
[18] milmead (not rated)546Won
Trippster2 (not rated)379Lost
[19] milmead 465Won
Jbeckham 449Lost
milmead says: Incredible end game with the masterful Jim. Always a pleasure
Jbeckham says: Great game. Marilyn is one of the best!
[20] milmead (not rated)475Won
Scrabblemond 409Lost
milmead says: A closer game than the final score suggests!
[21] milmead (not rated)520Won
Debbyoc (not rated)421Lost
[22] milmead (not rated)504Won
Fictio (not rated)402Lost
[23] milmead 398Lost
The Bronx bomber (not rated)495Won
[24] milmead 408Lost
babstoyfish (not rated)460Won
[25] milmead (not rated)414Lost
JenRose3734 (not rated)475Won
milmead says: No communication with rapid fire play but for a newbie incredible talent
[26] milmead 408Lost
Jbeckham 421Won
milmead says: I thought it was my turn to win Jim?
Jbeckham says: Down to the last rack. A lucky win against an outstanding competitor!
[27] milmead 431Lost
bncanton (not rated)451Won
[28] milmead (not rated)454Lost
Ik3662 (not rated)509Won
[29] milmead (not rated)565Won
augustasmiling (not rated)425Lost
[30] milmead 324Lost
shelrose (not rated)523Won
[31] milmead (not rated)435Won
Scrabblemond (not rated)405Lost
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."