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Words With Friends July 2014 Daily

Won 22 out of 31 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 49.45

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Start Date: 2014-07-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 31
Player Status: Reached Round 31

July 2014 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] Jbeckham 494Won
ArabianPeacock 394Lost
Jbeckham says: An extremely rare win against on of the very best!
ArabianPeacock says: Jim, you're too modest. Friendly honest player of the game.It's always a pleasure win or lose.
[2] Jbeckham 576Won
cisco333 288Lost
[3] Jbeckham 376Lost
Heagle 469Won
Jbeckham says: Harold played an excellent game!
Heagle says: Cht clsd. GG
[4] Jbeckham (not rated)543Won
AngusLaidlaw 369Lost
Jbeckham says: Windfall of premium tiles. Angus is a strong competitor!
[5] Jbeckham (not rated)518Won
comradeyb 352Lost
Jbeckham says: Tiles fell my way this time. Yusef is an outstanding competitor!
[6] Jbeckham (not rated)418Lost
kcphua1 446Won
Jbeckham says: Great game with KC... Many lead changes. KC is a great and patient strategist!
[7] Jbeckham (not rated)465Won
swfreeman 355Lost
Jbeckham says: Tile distribution went my way. Susan is a strong competitor!
[8] Jbeckham 525Won
COcanuck 339Lost
Jbeckham says: Took advantages of Michael's busy day. Excellent player!
COcanuck says: No excuses...this was a legit whooping!
[9] Jbeckham (not rated)421Won
Mias_dad 401Lost
Jbeckham says: Great game with an outstanding player!
[10] Jbeckham (not rated)462Won
nycmiss 445Lost
Jbeckham says: Tough, close game to the very end. R is an outstanding opponent!
[11] Jbeckham (not rated)561Won
briguynyc1 377Lost
Jbeckham says: A windfall of all premium tiles. Brian is a great player!
[12] Jbeckham (not rated)24Won
B2s73 (not rated)0No-Show
Jbeckham says: Have messaged and emailed Jon for 30 hours with no response. Have screen shots if needed.
[13] Jbeckham (not rated)430Won
Scrabblemond 381Lost
Jbeckham says: Close game all the way. Mond is a consistently outstanding competitor!
[14] Jbeckham (not rated)471Won
The Angeloyster 390Lost
Jbeckham says: Tiles went my way. Paul is an excellent player!
[15] Jbeckham (not rated)470Won
kcphua1 364Lost
Jbeckham says: Every premium tile came my way. KC is a great opponent!
[16] Jbeckham 443Lost
lwb2012 522Won
[17] Jbeckham 390Lost
Tretony 444Won
Jbeckham says: I was never really in this one. Tony is an excellent strategist!
[18] Jbeckham 453Won
muteone 385Lost
Jbeckham says: I got the breaks this time around. Tracy is smart, challenging opponent... Every game!
muteone says: Wow! Jim kept me on my toes throughout this game and I could't quite reach! Great opponent. Class all the way. :-)
[19] Jbeckham 442Lost
Tee252525 463Won
Jbeckham says: Teresa is a terrific, classy player!
[20] Jbeckham (not rated)440Won
lwb2012 430Lost
Jbeckham says: Great close game at the end. Finally won one against Larry. Excellent comprtitor!
[21] Jbeckham 360Lost
Tretony 542Won
Jbeckham says: Geez! Another nail-biter with Tony. A Great talented opponent!
Tretony says: Just got lucky with tiles!
[22] Jbeckham (not rated)487Won
nycmiss 404Lost
Jbeckham says: Tiles fell my way for a change. R is an excellent player!
[23] Jbeckham 441Lost
ArabianPeacock (not rated)551Won
ArabianPeacock says: Awesome revenge game. Watching my back for Jim's rematch.
[24] Jbeckham (not rated)526Won
Loganboy1 371Lost
Jbeckham says: Every decent tile fell my way. Scott is a tough opponent! Caught him on an off day.
[25] Jbeckham (not rated)420Won
lwb2012 377Lost
Jbeckham says: Got lucky tile breaks. Larry is a great strategist!
[26] Jbeckham 427Won
SoonerSelf 389Lost
Jbeckham says: A rare win against an excellent competitor!
[27] Jbeckham (not rated)449Won
Tretony 434Lost
Jbeckham says: Very tough game with one of the best. Adam is a class competitor!
[28] Jbeckham 549Won
Tee252525 404Lost
Jbeckham says: Every tile fell my way against one of the very best!
Tee252525 says: soundly beaten, well played Jim
[29] Jbeckham 448Lost
lwb2012 449Won
Jbeckham says: Larry edged me out at the wire. He's an incredible strategist!
lwb2012 says: Super brain burner game..
[30] Jbeckham (not rated)428Won
Low-impact 349Lost
Jbeckham says: My lucky day. Brendan's draws were cursed. Outstanding classy competitor!
[31] Jbeckham 383Lost
Tretony 423Won
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."