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Words With Friends July 2014 Daily

Won 13 out of 22 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 21.36

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Start Date: 2014-07-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 31
Player Status: Reached Round 31

July 2014 Daily
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[10] muteone 465Won
Judy Gold 431Lost
muteone says: Great game and chat with Judy!
Judy Gold says: Thanks Tracy ! Anytime
[11] muteone (not rated)460Won
carolew99 304Lost
muteone says: Fast and furious with Carole! The tiles were working better for me though. Good game!
[12] muteone (not rated)455Won
Tootie40 346Lost
muteone says: Thanks for the great game, Jan! Got a few lucky breaks towards end. Chive on!
[13] muteone (not rated)546Won
Leigh1411 432Lost
[14] muteone (not rated)430Won
winojunko 346Lost
muteone says: Jules had me working for it in this game but I managed to sneak a few good scores in the end. Well played.
[15] muteone (not rated)513Won
Dale_J 352Lost
muteone says: Got the tile god on my side for this one!
[16] muteone 512Won
Low-impact 386Lost
muteone says: Brendan came out kicking but he was soon SNOOZING. The tile god forsook him. LOL. Always fun chatting. Maybe next time?
Low-impact says: It's true. Blazing for 4 racks and then unbridled agony for the remainder...Time for a beer or 7 🍻
[17] muteone 399Won
lwb2012 391Lost
muteone says: Wow! Fantastic game with Larry! He was ahead most of game until I managed to pull forward at last minute. Nail biter. :-)
lwb2012 says: Thought it was smooth sailing until that 91 pointer. Tracy is a class WWFer..
[18] muteone 385Lost
Jbeckham 453Won
muteone says: Wow! Jim kept me on my toes throughout this game and I could't quite reach! Great opponent. Class all the way. :-)
Jbeckham says: I got the breaks this time around. Tracy is smart, challenging opponent... Every game!
[19] muteone (not rated)379Lost
nycmiss 466Won
muteone says: An exceptional game with R. The S's won it for her.
[20] muteone 352Lost
SoonerSelf 427Won
muteone says: Well played by Adam!
[21] muteone 402Lost
lwb2012 480Won
muteone says: Larry, Larry, Larry. sigh.... You got me! Congrats! :-)
lwb2012 says: Tracy is always tough. This time tiles way in my favor..
[22] muteone 463Lost
Debbyoc 467Won
muteone says: Oh Debby, it's always a pleasure losing to you! LOL! A first class player.
Debbyoc says: Just by a nose! Great game Tracy!
[23] muteone (not rated)402Won
Vanrpe 342Lost
muteone says: Patricia was unlucky in tiles on this one. Great opponent!
[24] muteone (not rated)401Lost
BumbleB79 521Won
muteone says: James dominated toward the end! A true master. Next time, my friend!
[25] muteone (not rated)468Won
Aegiscfo 363Lost
muteone says: Just got lucky with tiles in this one. Marty managed to keep up though until the blank showed up on final draw. Well played. :-)
[26] muteone 359Lost
Loganboy1 (not rated)482Won
[27] muteone (not rated)365Lost
Vanrpe (not rated)511Won
[28] muteone 386Lost
milmead (not rated)399Won
milmead says: Lovely quick game and chat which was unresolved til the final go
[29] muteone (not rated)404Won
mom2boys3girls 403Lost
muteone says: It was a nail biter!! Michelle always plays a tough game.
mom2boys3girls says: Down to the last move. I was ahead and surprised to lose. Great game!!
[30] muteone (not rated)529Won
Gaskethawkins 322Lost
muteone says: Doug didn't have a chance, unfortunately. The force was with me for this one. Next time.
[31] muteone (not rated)460Won
timblamo 441Lost
muteone says: Tim had me playing catch up the whole game. I managed to pull through in the end. Excellent game!
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."