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Words With Friends June 2014 Daily

Won 17 out of 27 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 18.37

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Start Date: 2014-06-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 30
Player Status: Reached Round 29

June 2014 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] milmead (not rated)426Won
auntiebeth1 (not rated)312Lost
[2] milmead (not rated)430Won
Asterix22 427Lost
milmead says: Should have been Paul's game but he couldn't place his last tile giving me the last move. So unfair
[3] milmead 411Won
Mias_dad 403Lost
milmead says: Mark predicted a draw and I that he would win. Both wrong but an amazing game
Mias_dad says: Great game, my lack of any premium tile until the last rack meant I couldn't get enough points on the board. Great game!
[4] milmead (not rated)479Won
babstoyfish 465Lost
milmead says: All down to last 2 moves which makes for the best of games. Lovely opponent but luck came my way
[5] milmead 432Won
JonathanMKaye 403Lost
milmead says: Another game that was down to penultimate move and some great tiles for me. Great play and chat
JonathanMKaye says: As I expected, the self-described "frail old English lady" was a most formidable opponent! Very well played.
[6] milmead (not rated)466Won
gorgette 399Lost
[7] milmead (not rated)394Lost
NahumC (not rated)439Won
[8] milmead 429Won
TheFabulousChickenFeet 419Lost
milmead says: Yet again a hair's breathe of a finish. Another amazing game
TheFabulousChickenFeet says: Well played.
[9] milmead 428Lost
Pittsburghkid87 (not rated)466Won
[10] *** Not Active This Round ***
[11] milmead (not rated)422Lost
The Bronx bomber (not rated)487Won
[12] milmead 391Lost
TheFabulousChickenFeet (not rated)447Won
TheFabulousChickenFeet says: A second fun game with Marilyn. Now we've each won one.
[13] milmead (not rated)451Lost
JND65 (not rated)464Won
[14] milmead (not rated)413Lost
Trippster2 (not rated)498Won
[15] milmead (not rated)506Won
Bubbles118118 360Lost
milmead says: These games are made if dreams - some pleasurable and some nightmares! Lovely chat
[16] milmead (not rated)479Won
SoonerSelf 401Lost
milmead says: Terrible racks for Adam who never gave up even when 150 differential. He really clawed back
[17] milmead 425Lost
Low-impact (not rated)450Won
Low-impact says: Theresa is a fantastic player. I was lucky enough to put together an 80 pt legumin as the shot clock wound down
[18] milmead (not rated)387Lost
locustrdpat (not rated)485Won
[19] milmead 519Won
OkieOma 404Lost
milmead says: Usual uneven split of tiles and board opportunities created a very one sided match but nice chat!
OkieOma says: I feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck!!
[20] milmead 368Lost
Lady Luck 72 (not rated)477Won
[21] milmead 568Won
mom2boys3girls 445Lost
milmead says: Lovely game as always with Michelle but luck came my way tonight
mom2boys3girls says: Congrats! Thanks for the game!
[22] milmead (not rated)485Won
alpharunner 333Lost
milmead says: Another lucky game for me!
[23] milmead 484Won
Secretary of Beverages 358Lost
milmead says: Another lucky day for tiles and good chat!
[24] milmead 464Won
SoonerSelf 444Lost
milmead says: As with our last game I started an early 100 point lead which was soon whittled down by Adam!
[25] milmead (not rated)467Won
TheFabulousChickenFeet 318Lost
milmead says: Love kicking ass with Scott! Great game and chat whoever wins!
[26] *** Not Active This Round ***
[27] milmead (not rated)395Won
Xiong88 388Lost
milmead says: Whoever could run out first and claim the tile points was going to be the winner!
[28] milmead (not rated)65Won
Low-impact 148Lost
milmead says: Brendan went on holiday and has no internet. No show for 24 hrs but if he comes back I will play him
[29] milmead 490Lost
Keil S. (not rated)538Won
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."