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Words With Friends April 2014 Daily

Won 16 out of 30 Active Rounds*, for a Win % of
Avg. margin of victory for
completed games is 44.03

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Start Date: 2014-04-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 30
Player Status: Reached Round 30

April 2014 Daily
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] milmead (not rated)387Lost
madesimo 418Won
milmead says: Nice to play a neighbour!
madesimo says: First time beating of a redcoat. May our uncoupling be as pleasant!
[2] milmead (not rated)464Won
Heagle 317Lost
[3] milmead (not rated)584Won
~Poochie 189Lost
milmead says: A total reversal of my first game of the month - all good tiles flew my way
[4] milmead (not rated)532Won
Santafe! 438Lost
[5] milmead (not rated)434Won
Loganboy1 387Lost
[6] milmead 466Lost
m A R T y 3 487Won
milmead says: led all the way til the penultimate go and then he drugged me!
m A R T y 3 says: Epic bingo fueled slug fest with the inimitable Marylin. Excellent game thanks. Till next time.
[7] milmead (not rated)460Won
MarranK (not rated)412Lost
milmead says: Marty led by at least 100 pts most of the game and on last move gave me a score of 130+!
[8] milmead (not rated)497Won
davegenius (not rated)338Lost
[9] milmead (not rated)380Lost
NahumC (not rated)494Won
milmead says: Silent treatment from Nahum as he/she massacred me!Not much fun on any level!
[10] milmead 564Won
COcanuck 332Lost
milmead says: Michael was totally disadvantage from the start with his tiles. Lovely chatting though
[11] milmead (not rated)398Lost
honjunter13 (not rated)424Won
[12] milmead (not rated)355Lost
JND65 (not rated)444Won
[13] milmead (not rated)480Lost
aph57 (not rated)493Won
[14] milmead 438Lost
NEURAL STASIS (not rated)479Won
[15] milmead (not rated)480Won
muteone 440Lost
milmead says: at last a win for me - good very close game wiht Tracy
[16] milmead (not rated)460Won
swfreeman 410Lost
[17] milmead (not rated)526Won
eva2u 392Lost
milmead says: a dream game for me at the expense of Eva who had a hand that you never want to pick
[18] milmead 428Lost
[19] milmead (not rated)384Lost
Magnolia:)! (not rated)442Won
[20] milmead 548Won
mom2boys3girls 456Lost
milmead says: I went to bed last night 140 behind and a new day brought new tiles and I won by 100! Have faith!
mom2boys3girls says: Many good plays today. Learned the word Quipu.
[21] milmead 401Lost
Annieport (not rated)430Won
Annieport says: Saved by the rare walkoff bingo! Excellent game and opponent!
[22] milmead 457Lost
milmead says: Yes it didn't update before for me but has attached itself to your game post! Another beating by David
NEURAL STASIS says: Ummm...not me...I certainly wasn't riding a mower today...must be your previous opponent. Gg!
[23] milmead 510Won
jflawzle3 484Lost
milmead says: Amazing game and chat which Jacob nearly pulled back at the close
jflawzle3 says: One of the fastest, most intense games of the year! Came right down to the wire. Very Enjoyable!
[24] milmead (not rated)410Lost
locustrdpat (not rated)450Won
[25] milmead (not rated)486Won
Jacqcamp 364Lost
milmead says: Completely one sided letter distribution. Nice to win a game but more fun when evenly balanced
[26] milmead 370Lost
Lady Luck 72 429Won
milmead says: Quickly lost my early lead never to regain the tile gods favour!
Lady Luck 72 says: Thanks for the fast game. Tiles were in my favor.
[27] milmead 438Lost
Santafe! (not rated)443Won
[28] milmead (not rated)539Won
SherlockJr. (not rated)325Lost
[29] milmead (not rated)497Won
jflawzle3 (not rated)436Lost
[30] milmead (not rated)446Won
MarranK (not rated)365Lost
* For the purpose of determining win ratio, an "active round" is one in which a winner was declared. Thus, the calculation includes rounds that concluded with "Won/Lost," "Incomplete," "Forfeiture," or "No Show."