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Words With Friends July 2020 Monthly

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Start Date: 2020-07-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 6
Player Status: Active in Round 6

July 2020 Monthly
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] OGR8 (not rated)494489NAWon
Brian2612 353420NALost
[2] OGR8 420441545Won
lwb2012 405447445Lost
OGR8 says: Titanic struggle with one of the very best ! Big bingos early got me the lead . Thanks Larry
lwb2012 says: Fun games.. The 100 & 152 point plays in gm 3 were Killers :)
[3] OGR8 (not rated)447397519Won
MarranK 429493365Lost
OGR8 says: Great contest against a superb player !
[4] OGR8 (not rated)483434NAWon
quickpucks 361394NALost
OGR8 says: Great battles . Second game knife edge . Allen was stuck with the Q - that saved me
[5] OGR8 (not rated)464420502Won
Scrabblemond 406438433Lost
OGR8 says: Exciting games all the way through . Thanks Mond
[6] OGR8 (not rated)422370560Won
muteone 407372456Lost
OGR8 says: Just a great set of games . Tracy is a champion. In the tie break I had both blanks ! It was the difference ! Thanks Tracy . Your turn next