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Words With Friends February 2018 Monthly

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Start Date: 2018-02-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 7
Player Status: Active in Round 7

February 2018 Monthly
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] milmead 464390435Won
Jammymamma 430383NALost
milmead says: Tied until my last move! 3 incredible games - thanks Elizabeth
[2] milmead (not rated)NANANAWon
ToxicRooster42 (not rated)NANANANo-Show
milmead says: No show in the game I started 24 hours ago! I nudged after 12 hours!
[3] milmead (not rated)462389438Won
(Big Bird) 309441435Lost
milmead says: Great games against a great player - thanks Bill
[4] milmead 519403357Won
83submariner (not rated)389467356Lost
milmead says: I have waited for Will who is out to dinner and promised to finish the final game an hour ago! Itís passed midnight here and need to sleep!
83submariner says: So sorry! I couldnt break away from a family event! Good luck!
[5] milmead (not rated)433474NAWon
TerriL1125 413387NALost
milmead says: Great games and should have gone to a decider!
[6] milmead 500412442Won
doyles09 427478393Lost
milmead says: 3 roller coaster games and only when I apparently blocked Stephenís 111 point bingo in the last game did I see a win in sight!
doyles09 says: Always a great game with Marilyn. She always seems to end my monthly though. If only I had that 111 point word...
[7] milmead 470384NALost
Californiageorge44 (not rated)537574NAWon
Californiageorge44 says: Marilyn is a tough opponent, she finds a lot of uncommon bingos. First game was close til the end, second I got the tiles