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Words With Friends May 2016 Monthly

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Start Date: 2016-05-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 7
Player Status: Eliminated in Round 5

May 2016 Monthly
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] muteone (not rated)471491NAWon
Lucifleur53 420459NALost
muteone says: Great games with Lesley!
[2] muteone (not rated)490529NAWon
Snoopy624 249390NALost
muteone says: Marta was a trooper as I had amazingly wonderful tiles this round.
[3] muteone (not rated)536586NAWon
Php77 355374NALost
muteone says: The tile goddess continues to favor me. Paul was a trouper in face of it.
[4] muteone (not rated)471413502Won
Debbyoc 359422429Lost
muteone says: Excellent trio of games with our fearless leader. Tiles were on my side in TB.
[5] muteone (not rated)456460421Lost
HvorMangeGange (not rated)401462527Won