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Words With Friends June 2014 Monthly

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Start Date: 2014-06-01
Tourney Status: Complete | Round 8
Player Status: Eliminated in Round 6

June 2014 Monthly
[R#] Player (Feedback Rating) Gm 1Gm 2Gm 3Result
[1] muteone (not rated)457406NAWon
sharonianau 452329NALost
muteone says: Well played, Sharon! It was nip and tuck on first game but second one, the tile gods were smiling down on me. Sharon took in stride though.
[2] muteone 424505469Won
andrewpe 432409394Lost
muteone says: Excellent trio of games with Andrew! I think SCENICAL in the third clinched it for me though. Tiles were on my side. Well played.
andrewpe says: Great games Tracy. And fast. Good luck in the tournament!
[3] muteone (not rated)472488NAWon
Jacqcamp 355360NALost
muteone says: Strong play by Jacqui but my luck was strong in these games.
[4] muteone 564467NAWon
Secretary of Beverages 350409NALost
muteone says: Fun games with Dave! Tiles were tracking me in first but second was close til end when I pulled ACAJOU out of my cobwebs. Good chat too!
[5] muteone (not rated)384517452Won
SoonerSelf 453406450Lost
muteone says: Exceptional run of games with Adam! The last one was a nail biter. Well played.
[6] muteone 379435413Lost
Tee252525 (not rated)389372426Won
Tee252525 says: superb series with a great opponent, close right to the end.