Interim Round

By Debbyoc

It is necessary to have an Interim Round after the Monthly Round 4 is completed to get the number of players down to 16. The Round is due to close in two hours and there is still one set to be reported.

Byes will be given to all the players who won in two games: Big K 68, Danny Gluva, JonathanMKaye, lwb2012, ThePi$$aDude, toothtamer, Total Dutch, and Tretony. Byes will be given to four more players with the highest MOV in the three games they played. I will have to wait until the final set is completed before I can determine who the four players will be. The remaining eight players will play in the Interim Round.

Additional byes are given to Korakochy, m A R T y 2, OzGuff, and The Angeloyster.

Match-ups for the Interim Round are:

timblamo vs Miamiheat8
The Bronx bomber vs NEURAL STASIS
Xiong88 vs trueheartd
Californiageorge44 vs #kowabunga#

Please play the best 2 of 3 games. You will have three days to complete this Round. Deadline 2:00 am Pacific Time Thursday October 17.

Good luck to all. Remember no outside help allowed including the in-app Vision or Word o meter.

Please post your results as a comment to this post.

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September Daily Winners

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Oath Keeper for being our September Daily Challenge winner with an 80% win rate completing 30 games. WOW, what an accomplishment.  Also, congrats to bjm632901 and debbyoc for a win ratio of 70% completing 20 games.

Congrats to our winners.

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Congratulations to our September Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to steveswei for winning our September Monthly Tournament. He even had to play in the Interim Round to make it to the finals. Here are some words from our winner:

My name is Steve; I live in Brighton, MI, a small community 45 miles NW of Detroit. My wife Melinda and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary next year. My wife runs a medical transcription business and I work for her, in addition to staying busy writing as a freelance author on a variety of subjects. The work experience provides me with a broad vocabulary that helps when playing WWF, the challenge for me has been learning game strategy. The great players on this site have schooled me many times on the finer points of word placement. It took me a while to learn that the best word you can form is not always your best play.

Thanks to Debby and Don for running this site and providing us the opportunity to engage in competitive game play; kudos to Debby for making it to the semi-finals this month.

The finals against Manav were a real battle; in game one I was able to bingo on my second rack with “BONUSES” and had another bingo ready to go that he blocked with “QUAI,” after that he slowly pulled away to a win. The next two games came down to the end with me trying to hold onto leads I was lucky to have built early. Manav made some really brilliant moves, he played “HYP” to form “PONCE” and I could not block his addition of a “D” on the end of the word when he played “TUNNED” for a double on both words. Late in game 3 he played “DRIFT” when he knew I had no “A” or blank and followed up with “ADRIFT” while using his “A” and blank to form “CALIPH,” hitting the triple space. On my last full rack I was able to bingo with “STRINGED” to hold on for the deciding win.

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Monthly Semi-Finals Have Begun

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to MM_2210,, steveswei and debbyoc for making it to the top four! steveswei and debbyoc also played in the Interim Round while MM_2210 and took some time off! LOL

Good luck to us all. As always, no outside help is allowed including using the new “vision” that Zynga has available.

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September Interim Round Matchups are Ready

By Debbyoc

We will be having an Interim Round after Round 4 is completed. All but one of the players who won in two games will receive “byes” for this Interim Round. “Bye’s” will be given to:MM_2210, mindyeve, NEURAL STASIS, Evil,PhD, Duane23, ConcreteVeneers, Kjdjtx, m A R T y 2, and Donna Dwyer111. All players who won in three games will be playing in the Interim Round.

You will have three days to complete the best 2 of 3 games. As always, no outside help is allowed including the new “Vision” that Zynga has recently added.

xoxoSutton vs. Pee Aitch
Danny Gluva vs. OzGuff
steveswei vs. CaliforniaDean
Jonarodr vs. pacman294
1djd vs. Debbyoc
Oath Keeper vs. johnsoncoley

Please post your results under this posting. Good luck to all!

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August Daily Champions

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Danny Gluva for being our August Daily winner of 25+ games. He had a 76%  win ratio in the 25 games he played.

We have a four way tie for the 20 game winner: ThePi$$aDude, JonathanMKaye, Fairygramdma23 and debbyoc. We all had a 65% win ratio in the 20 games we played.

Well done everyone! Thank you to everyone who plays in our Daily Challenges.

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August Monthly Winner

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to newcomer kjdjtx for being our August Monthly Winner. Screenshots to follow.

Here is some info about our winner:

My name is Kevin.  I am the proud husband of 1 awesome wife
(Denice) of 20 years and 4 great children (ages 12, 10, 8 and 2).
We live the great area of Texas called the Metroplex (Dallas/Fort
Worth area).

I was having a hard time finding WWF players that could challenge
me so I decided to search for a WWF tournament site.  Well, this
is where I ended up at back in July.  I had not expected to come
anywhere near winning the monthly tournament, but here I am…in
shock and amazed.

My wife asked me if she is going to have me back now.  Well, that
is to be seen!  :)

Thank you to the admins and all the great players I faced
along the way.  The players I faced were very encouraging and I am
sure we will meet again…unless my wife has her way!  LOL


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August Monthly Final Time

By Debbyoc

We have two newcomers to our August Monthly Finals: Californiageorge44 and Kjdjtx. Good luck to both of you.

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Monthly Interim Round Ready to Begin

By Debbyoc

We will be having an Interim Round once Round 5 is completed. Three players will get byes based on the MOV of two games played. The remaining 10 players will be matched up based on the MOV and number of games played in Round 5. Please watch for an update on this Post once the remaining matches are finished.

Round 5 has been completed so we are ready to start the Interim Round. You will have three days to complete this Round. It will end at approximately 11:00 pm PST Monday, August 19. Play the best 2 of 3 games. Post your scores under this post.

Byes given to BumbleB79, sbaron831, and Kjdjtx.

Here are the matches for the Interim Round:

bncanton vs. easypickins
Jbeckham vs. OathKeeper
B2s73 vs. davegenius
Pittsburghkid87 vs. CaliforniaGeorge44
Jman18980 vs. trueheartd

Just a reminder that no outside help is allowed. This includes the new “Vision Power-Up” offered by Zynga.

Good luck to all the players. May the Tiles be with you!

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July Daily Winners

By Debbyoc

Congratulations to Mgp41896 for being our 25+ game winner with an 80.8% winning margin over 26 games. Also, congratulations to dae_eos for being our 20 game winner with an 80% win margin. Great playing by both our winners against tough competition.

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