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Monthly Tournament

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  1. Best two out of three decides the winner for each round.
  2. Each round (best 2 of 3) lasts no less than 72 hours, so there is ample time to complete games.
  3. In the event of a tie after first two games, then a third match is played to determine winner.
  4. Winner of the round logs in to MyTourney and records the final scores.
  5. Winner of the round is matched with another round winner at the start of the next round.
  6. As you advance, you will probably face players of increasing skill, and so on until the final. Winner will be declared on this site.

Rules (all on the honor system):

  1. OUTSIDE HELP – No outside help for words, such as word lists, word unscramblers, or dictionaries. It’s just you and the WWF application. You may, however, refer to the letter distribution (see sidebar).
  2. POST OR YOU’RE TOAST – If neither player is reported as the winner by the posted deadline, then both players are instantly eliminated. There is no excuse for failing to report a winner on time. Even if the games remain incomplete, one player must log in and post a winner in order to prevent automatic double elimination. Obviously, it is best if both players agree, in advance, as to the criteria (e.g., highest scorer, current leader, faster player) for determining which player should advance in the incomplete round.
  3. TIME TO MOVE – Both players should communicate in advance when they will play. When both players are engaged, moves should be made within 15 minutes. If you need a long pause in the game, be courteous and notify the other player via chat. If there is no conclusion to the round during regulation time, then the aggrieved party may record the round as a loss for the other party, indicating “no show,” “forfeited,” or simply, “time ran out” as the reason.
  4. WINNING – Upon the match’s conclusion, the winner must log in to MyTourney and report the round’s results (e.g., final scores, forfeitures, or abandoned games).
  5. NO SHOWS – Games should begin as soon as possible; however, if attempts to reach the opponent are unsuccessful for 24 hours and the opponent refuses to engage, then the aggrieved player should mark the round a Win due to “No-Show.” Screen shots of chats and/or saved emails may be requested by us if the opponent disputes.
  6. ONE PLAYER – Players may not enter the tournament multiple times by using multiple screen names. If this is discovered, it is an instant disqualification.
  7. A 24-hour Delay = Sudden Death

    24-HOUR INSTANT FORFEITURE (New!) – If a player neglects to make a move for 1 full day (24 hours) and no prior arrangement was made to continue the game at a later time, then the aggrieved player may claim that round as a win by forfeiture. A screen shot showing a full day with no moves must be provided on request.

  8. DECLINED GAMES – If a player declines the game at any point, the declined player has choice of the following options:- Claim the declined game as an automatic victory.
    - Agree to play a new game while observing a handicap (equal to the lead in the declined game) in favor of the aggrieved player.
    - Agree to play a new game with no handicap.
  9. DISPUTES – In the event a player feels he or she lost due to unfair treatment by an opponent, then that player can click the “Dispute” link on the MyTourney main page. The dispute process is explained in greater detail from there. Only in the most blatant and well-documented cases would we reverse the result of a round, so it should not be expected that filing a dispute in itself will yield a favorable result.
  10. GOING FIRST – Each player has the right to the first move in either one of the first two games. In the event of a tie, resulting in a third game, the player with the most cumulative points from the first two games has right to first move. A player forfeits her right to first move if she reciprocates on the opponent’s move. Swapping tiles is considered a move. Players may mutually agree to disregard the rules on first moves.
  11. COMMUNICATION – This site has zero tolerance for obscene, vulgar or threatening communication. Any player in contravention of this policy will be immediately banned with no recourse for appeal.
  12. TIES - in the event that a match is tied, the player leading prior to the last play is declared the winner.  If both opponents agree, another game may be played to determine the winner.

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