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Daily Challenge

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Every day you will be paired with a new opponent, with email notification. There is no elimination: you simply play a game per day, win or lose. Think of it as part of your morning routine, like your coffee or favorite radio station. Success in the tournament comes through accomplishing a high win percentage and by amassing the most points spread for your victories.

Monthly winners will be determined as follows:

  • Highest win/loss ratio
  • In the event of a tie, or multiple undefeated players, then points spread against all opponents will determine winner a playoff will determine ultimate winner. In the event of an balanced playoff, the moderator will determine bye independently via coin toss.
  • Must have played at least 20 matches during the month to be eligible to win the championship

Pace Yourself

We recommend that you NOT play in the Daily Challenge while you are a competitor in the Monthly Tourney. Most people cannot keep up with completing two games on time, much less a single game per day. You can easily withdraw to take a break by clicking “Withdraw” at the MyTourney page. When you’re ready to reengage, simply click “Rejoin.”


  1. OUTSIDE HELP “ No outside help for words, such as word lists, word unscramblers, or dictionaries. It’s just you and the WWF application. You may, however, refer to the letter distribution (see sidebar).
  2. TIME TO MOVE “ Both players should communicate in advance when they will play. When both players are engaged, moves should be made within 15 minutes. If you need a long pause in the game, be courteous and notify the other player via chat. If there is no conclusion to the round during regulation time, then the aggrieved party may record the round as a loss for the other party, indicating œno show, œforfeited, or simply, œtime ran out as the reason.
  3. WINNING AND REPORTING “ Upon the game’s conclusion, the winner is responsible for logging into MyTourney and reporting the round’s results (e.g., final score, forfeitures, or abandoned games).
    a) You have a minimum of 48 hours to report results, beginning from when you establish a game on your device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). Note, however, that you can still record results for the current round plus two back. This does NOT mean you have 72 hours to finish a game; it simply means editing can occur during that window, which cycles at midnight Pacific.
    b) You must have a reported result in the current or previous round to be automatically assigned a new opponent; otherwise, you will be placed into non-active status and no new opponents will be assigned to you from that point forward.
    c) If your status is changed to inactive, either in this manner or voluntarily, you can rejoin at any time by clicking the “Rejoin” link.
  4. NO SHOWS “ Games should begin as soon as possible; however, if attempts to reach the opponent are unsuccessful, here are the no-show rules:
    a) 12-hour Soft No-Show – Mark the Round a “No-Show” if no contact after 12 hours; however, you are obligated to play if the player engages within 24 hours of the start of the round (e.g., midnight Pacific for the Battle for America Daily Challenge).
    b) 24-hour Hard No-Show – If the player doesn’t engage after 24 hours, then there is no obligation to play the game. It remains a no-show.
    c) Slow Players – Sometimes a player may engage within the 24-hour window, but might seem to “run out the clock.” In this case, you may invoke a “Time Ran Out” victory, which shows as “Incomplete” but awards you the win since your opponent was at fault for delaying. Before using this option, please use the Private Messaging option, as well as WWF chat, to warn the other player. IF you use this option, keep substantive proof (i.e., screen shots) showing gross delays on your opponent’s part. If you are both responsible for delays, then simply do not record a result for that round, and neither player is charged with a loss.
  5. SCORING – The formula is simple. We divide the total number of games won by the total number of games played to determine the “win ratio.” For example: 15 games won / 20 games played = 0.75 or 75%. We count every game in which a result is registered, meaning that every loss, forfeiture, no-show, or incomplete (lost) will count as a game played. Games won include every “Win” result in your favor, even if by no-show, forfeiture, or incomplete.
  6. TIE BREAKING – In the event two or more players have the highest win percentage at the end of the month, a playoff (one game per round, instant elimination) will determine the winner. In the event of an unbalanced playoff, the administrator will determine the bye(s) via an independent coin toss.
  7. GOING FIRST – Both players receive notification of assignment at the same time via email. The first player to initiate a WWF game gets to move first, assuming the application allows him the first move. If the application passes the first move to the opponent, then that action will stand. However, if one of the players cannot be found by his exact tournament screen name (e.g., emoticons in the screen name, playing under different screen name), then the other player who can be found automatically has right to first move. The right to first move must be demanded before making a move, for once a player makes a return move, he accepts the game as-is. If both players cannot be found through a normal search for screen name, then the player who initiates the first email or private message gets first move once a game is established. Swapping tiles is considered a move. Players may mutual agree to ignore these first move rules.
  8. ONE PLAYER “ Players may not enter the tournament multiple times by using multiple screen names. If this is discovered, it is an instant disqualification.
  9. DECLINED GAMES “ If a player declines the game at any point, the declined player has choice of the following options:
    a) Claim the declined game as an automatic victory.
    b) Agree to play a new game while observing a handicap (equal to the lead in the declined game) in favor of the aggrieved player.
    c) Agree to play a new game with no handicap.
    d) In the event of a rematch, it should be clearly indicated in chat that the rematch is for the purposes of the daily challenge.  In the event of a dispute, if a rematch is not clearly detailed in chat then the declined player retains the option of claiming the declined game as an automatic victory.
  10. DISPUTES – You can give feedback regarding any player by emailing disputes@wordswithfriends.net. Generally, a dispute does not result in a reversal of posted results. However, any blatant abuse and/or repeated complaints about a player may result in that player’s disqualification at the sole discretion of the moderator.
  11. COMMUNICATION – This site has zero tolerance for obscene, vulgar or threatening communication. Any player in contravention of this policy will be immediately banned with no recourse for appeal.
  12. TIES - in the event that a match is tied, the player leading prior to the last play is declared the winner.  If both opponents agree, another game may be played to determine the winner.


At our discretion, we may choose to award prizes based on the following criteria:

  1. We may award $10 to the highest ranked player who stops at 20 games played.
  2. To add incentive for players to continue playing, $25 may be awarded to the highest ranked player with 25 or more games within the month.
  3. Once you play the 21st game you are automatically out of the running for the 20 game winner and then must strive to reach the 25 game level.

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