Best Players Assumed to be Cheaters

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In an age of mediocrity, mischief, and mistrust, our tendency, rightly or wrongly, is to assume that anyone breaking away from the pack (whether busting the bell curve, making too much money, or scoring incredibly high in WWF) must surely be cheating.

Cheater? No, Champion.

After getting my third post on this site from someone condemning or accusing players who posted impressive boards, I decided to see what a regulated Scrabble tournament board looks like. Here is the winning board from the UK Scrabble Championship in 2009.

Now, to the skeptics out there, I issue you this challenge of intellectual honesty: If you were to see these words in a Words With Friends game, would you forthrightly accuse your opponent of cheating?

Analysis of exotic words provided by The Daily Mall here. Keep in mind that Scrabble championships are carried out with strict rules and oversight.

I cannot prove whether or not a WWF player is using outside help. But it falls well within the realm of possibility that in a community of now 3,000+ registered competitors (although, not all playing this month), we are bound to attract a number of players capable of producing a good batch of alien words in a single game. Moreover, the WWF guess and play option means it’s even easier to find these words.

Better, I think, to leave unstated any suspicion in the absence of incontrovertible evidence of cheating.

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211 Responses to “Best Players Assumed to be Cheaters”

  1. Picturesquefish says:

    I laugh. Seems anyone with a high IQ is accused. I find this hilarious. Once accused I challenge them to a game using no more than three or four letters, their choice. I still stomp them. And still get accused. Sore losers. And I lose. But I don’t go around calling them cheaters. I learn new words from them too. Those who blow off others for suspected cheating are cheating themselves… From a better education. Just my two cents. I urge new players to use them to learn the game. Seven years later, I have some pretty cool words with nerds friends.

  2. Vee says:

    I can tell who is using the cheater apps a fair amount of the time (but not all of the time). Example: Someone started a game with the word EPHEBOI, using two blank tiles no less! Now when I challenge an unknown opponent, I simply state that I don’t use ‘computer-generated words’ and prefer playing others who don’t. I know it’s an honor system but I’m OK with that. Also, if both players agree to using the cheater apps, it is not cheating.

  3. Debbie says:

    Johnpats is a disgrace not just because of alleged cheating but I was constantly abused with messages about my country of origin and my playing style. I should have ignored but when I replied he said he would post my name all over social media saying I was gay. Very disappointing.

  4. Grainne says:

    I am an avid scrabble and words with friends player. There is only one word on that board I don’t know. I also can spot a cheater in words with friends very easily. I love a good challenging game but cannot stand when these little snakes play 5 long words in a row that barely register in the average dictionary. That does not happen in any scrabble game. Avid players are not fools, we can spot cheaters. I personally call them out, then block them.

  5. DW-TX says:

    I disagree with the writer of this piece in voicing skepticism.

    Try these two user ID’s and tell me if they are not using outside aid. Word to the wise, expect a vociferous response if you suggest there might be something more than grey matter driving their play.



    Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

    • David says:

      Johnpats is a coward. I challenged him as soon as i hit him for a good play he sends me a message says he knows what im.up to and declined. I just wanted a game and see if he was a real cheater.

  6. Phyx says:

    Calling people cheaters because they use words they don’t really know makes no sense. If I can’t find a good play, I just drop random letters down and try combinations. Unlike Scrabble, the game won’t let you put a BS word down. I didn’t know that “AA” was a word, but I tried it and it worked.

    • korgy says:

      Phyx, trying out words in WWF is different from using anagram generator sites, which allow you to enter your tile letters, plus one on the board, and come up with all the possible words. the latter i consider cheating.

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