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I don’t think I’ve seen a single game score as high as flawles$gal’s game 3. Now that’s one gameboard I’d like to see! What kind of strategy does it take to score that high? Especially against someone who posts 400? And don’t bother posting comments that accuse of cheating. I really am interested in seeing how the board is stacked, how TW/TL combinations are utilized, and yes, how exotic the words are.

Update @ 10:07 PM Pacific – Here’s the famous board. (Thanks, flawles$gal!)

Commentary from flawles$gal,

“the reason behind the high score is pure luck. My opponent was a very good player & as u can see from the 1st & 2nd games our scores were very close but on the 3rd game I just got the best tiles at the right time. Most of my words played were scored between 80-143!!! So I guess it was very difficult for my opponent to catch up.”

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  1. Brian says:

    I hit 275 with UNIQUELY, Q on triple letter, U on triple word, Y on double word. Never had anything near it in two years.

  2. Ken Everett says:

    I played a person who used the word VU

    When I wanted to check this word the Dictionary had mysteriously disappeared from the menu of options!

    So absolutely – the ARE lots of cheaters out there and all we can do is block them.

    Personally I would like to see a ’3 strikes’ rule implemented so that if 3 or more people are convinced that someone is cheating they can set off a total block of that player and make it their problem to get the WWF admin to unblock them.

    I know this could be abused but I am convinced that somewhere out there is a programmer who could bullet-proof such a feature.

    • Erik Kennedy says:

      VU is playable if you’re playing a game in UK English (which also has no Dictionary feature, unlike games in US English). You weren’t playing a cheater–you just didn’t know what language you were playing in. Maybe don’t be so eager to jump to judgements, eh?

      • DejMar says:

        I was unable to find VU in the UK (and International) English Scrabble word list or any of the word lists adopted by Words With Friends. VU may be valid in French as a verb in that language it means “seen”, and as an adverb “given”. And though there has been a change to include some phrasal words that have been adopted from foreign languages and “déjà vu” is one of the more commonly recognized ones, I do not believe either “deja” or “vu” have been adopted into the English word lists.

        • Erik Kennedy says:

          Interesting. And yet VU is playable all the same. Whether it *should* be playable is a different matter, I guess.

  3. Brilliant says:

    I’m playing a cheater right now on WWF app..
    Be on the lookout ..
    Name..Gabriel Gipson
    Tag name…Thanos 312
    Highest game score 989points?
    No effing way possible….

  4. Jason says:

    I just played BLIZZARD for 269 points, but it was just luck. Two blanks, an open I, a Z on triple letter, B on double word and D on triple word.

  5. Marie Murphy says:

    I am just back playing WWF after a big break and noticed that the game is upgraded to include leaderboards – so I thought I would try to get to the top – only on the average word score tho. Incredibly after a while was was up at the top and briefly at #1 slot. Quite a thrill – I am an a,seasoned player at this stage but it is possible. BTW the average word score is now a reasonable figure under 40 or thereabouts – the players at the top use the WWF app obviously- so if you play these days expect precision !! If you want to play the old fashioned way find friends or others who like to go it alone without help- I play both ways and enjoy both-

  6. Lester LaChappelle says:

    Someone I’m playing last night was on leader board with 14000 and early this morning they are at 65000 how is that possible? There stats average game 275

    • Stan says:

      There are “churners” and “players”. The former play 10-20 games a time, and play rapidly w/o much concern over individual word score, just getting on to next game. Little concern over defense. In contrast, PLAYERS work harder for each word score by trying for best placement. Realistically, game scores over 300 are common, over 400 regularly, and 500 on occasion. Great average score of 400 is very, very hard to achieve unless a computer is doing the playing. Not difficult to tell, but there are some very bright people that play too.

  7. Cheryl Jackson says:

    Just played louvered – got 133 points, last play of the game, used all of my letters, TW, DW and got the 35 point bonus. Definitely the play of my life…

  8. Rob says:

    Highest move I’ve made was indexing. X on triple letter and then double and triple word. 245 points

  9. Grahm g says:

    I nailed the word reinject on a TW, DW, and a TL. 257 points. I was playing against an actual peron. A girl I know. I asked her not to bail so I could set a new high score. I wound up with 699 at the end of the game. I will probably never duplicate this feat.

  10. Emma says:

    I am always baffled by the Global Leaderboard and some scores on the ordinary ‘Friends’ one. I still have the old version (as I have an iphone 3GS) as I cannot get the new one, due to the fact I need newer ios software, which my old phone is not compatable for.

    I reckon the ridiculously high scores are the developers playing along to give you something to work for, in the hope you may purchase things. – but

    • JBesoin says:

      The players clearly know some ‘cheater short-cuts’. They are not actually playing at all. The highest single score ever recorded is 1674 (or close to that) and it was scored by someone playing himself with a carefully constructed board to achieve the word. So it is not possible for anyone to achieve an average score above, or even near, that score. Yet the old version scoreboard shows average scores of 1937 and even 3342. I believe the new version has eliminated that section of the leader board to stop that type of hacking.

  11. Baramour says:

    It looks to me like they have 2 accounts that they play against themselves so that they can maximize each account’s score.

    • RedMaij says:

      Yeah, I just love how the other chides us not to bother posting about cheating when it so clearly obvious that we either have two literal geniuses playing here, or people that stage their boards and use some sort of cheating app. There is absolutely nothing believable about this board.

  12. Ann Beard says:

    I have the opposite problem: I’ve played regularly since 2011 and my total and average score on the leaderboard is always zero! I’d love to know how to correct that.

  13. Tybo says:

    Anyone who can score over 15.000 a day is a cheat in my eyes end of❗️❗️

  14. Hilary says:

    Leaderboard is very misleading. Someone with the highest score may be playing many, many games and may have nothing much else to do but play Word. So naturally they will run up a high score!

    • Dawn says:

      You’re absolutely right. How is it that a few hours after the leader board reset, the person with a high score has almost 5000 points?? A WWF junkie, or a person with no life.

  15. louie says:

    Can anyone ever tell me how in the world anyone can score over 500,000 in the first few ours of the starting of the week. I was up 3 am in the beginning to the game for the week, and play a few rounds. Went to sleep and I check that someone already had over 500,000 points. what planet are they playing from. This is crazy.

  16. Geralyn Bennett says:

    My highest word score is 227 points spelling
    Juggling. My longest word I spelled was
    Firefighters!! And I don’t cheat just love the

  17. Brenda says:

    How can someone have a score of 45,000 at the top of the leaderboard??

    • Geralyn Bennett says:

      Undoubtedly they are using an outside
      Source other than their brains in other words
      They are cheating and I don’t play with
      People who play this way. Do want to play
      A game with me?

  18. Rae Rae says:

    How do I add a leaderboard to words with friends. I have a samsung galaxy tablet. I have no leaderboard appearing. How do I turn it on.

  19. Nicola says:

    Agree – the results on the leaderboard are totally made up! Play with friends who you can trust. I always play to win but enjoy the game as well. Have made some good friends on Word – Here’s to you Patrick :-) ))

  20. Connie Webb says:

    Just joined. Why can’t i play BOUDIN, Cajun sausage?!

    • Sky says:

      There are lots of words that are not acceptable – they just aren’t in the dictionary. It’s frustrating, but it’s the way it is.

  21. Mike says:

    I’ve been working my butt off on increasing my all-time average. It’s approaching 40. But yeah when I look at the global leaderboard it’s just aggravating… I want more actual score to compare mine to.. Not made up ones.

    I’ve even made a few friends who I play frequently. They rarely beat me. But all of the sudden they’ll out-score me by 5000-10000 points overnight! There is no one who can score that many points in a night and still have a low average word score.
    So yeah there are definitely exploits out there.

  22. Rachel says:

    My highest score so far was 552. My opponent was oblivious to the TW and TL’s she left open. I average between 20-25. I’ve been curious about the global leaderboard with 999 averages and what a true high average for a regular player would look like. There are a few on my personal leaderboard with averages of 60, but that’s because they only play one-two words a week.

  23. Roseana says:

    I am disappointed that the leaderboard option seems to have all but disappeared. The high global scores are incorrect though! No one can average 999 per move!

  24. JT says:

    How did a person get 65 points from the word REFS?

    • Ian says:

      It depends on the spots the tiles were placed on. For example, if placed on the TW, the score could have jumped from 7 to 21 and added with the connecting word’s points adding up to a total of 65

      • OurManFlint says:

        WWF is more a math game than a word game. Try placing the F on a TL and make a word in both directions – that will instantly get you 24 points before you make the word. Extend an existing word with high letters, and have a TW in your word, and you can easily rack up the points.

  25. Daniel says:

    The simple short answer is that they have found bugs to exploit. There is no feasible manner in normal play to average triple digits, let alone high double digit, words in every game. Scoring 400-600 words in a game is well within the grasp of anyone with a reasonable vocabulary and an eye for grabbing the bonus tiles while preventing their opponent from taking advantage of them. But word averages much above 20-30 are a sign of game manipulation; the math simply does not work out.

    Ignore the global leaderboard because it is obviously flawed. Use the avg words score among only your trusted friends if you desire a means for comparison. Or just have fun playing.

    • grandslamz says:

      My sentiments entirely. REALLY, what game are all those global leader board cheats playing? I’m glad that you’ve cited 20-30 averages as normal. Although I’ve not yet reached 30 (currently averaging 24 this week).

    • daniel S says:

      i average 42 right now and i Don’t cheat but the game allows you to play around with the board. often times i just arrange the consonants and vowels in an order that sounds like a dictionary word and often time it works. other times if your good enough you can set yourself up for tw tl tl scors or even dw tw. i got 114 off of the word junk before

    • Youngconnolly says:

      I have a 39 point word average and I don’t cheat. If you get a few 100+ words combined with not playing very many games per week (I have 2 kids) then your average word point figure goes up.

    • Sky says:

      I’m pushing myself hard to increase my word average without cheating. This moment at 31.5. One way that has helped: one of my opponents doesn’t seem to care and frequently leaves openings to TW. The other thing is that I’m not worrying so much about winning. I play my highest scoring word and relax about strategy – within reason. It’s only a phase for now. I’ll go back to concentrate on winning again soon, and my points average will drop – because winning involves playing low scoring words that block my opponent.

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