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Our friend _22_ contributes this mega-score. This is ridiculous! The highest I’ve ever seen.

I need to start scouring pill bottles for better words.

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7 Responses to “OXYPHENBUTAZONE”

  1. Oakley Twenty…

    OXYPHENBUTAZONE « Words With Friends…

  2. JoshuaDavid12 says:

    Thank goodness _22_ didn’t play that word when he played me!

  3. “If I only had a brain” singing……. do- do -do dodo

  4. Camzy says:

    Beautifully setup. Very impressive. I really don’t understand the haters. This is difficult to do, requires great planning and is immensely satisfying (I managed 1355). Hat off to you _22_!

  5. MH258 says:

    Nothing great. This isn’t a valid in-game play between two real opponents. This is a preplanned setup by one player (playing ‘pass and play’ as player 2). Besides this example of tile manipulation has already been done by some kids posted on Newtoy’s facebook page.

  6. MickDawg says:

    Amazing. Beautifully set up.

  7. pokkrap says:

    That’s some serious crafting!

    Most amusing part is the “1…” scoring at the
    bottom though. How about have a little faith, wwf?