Words HD is Awesome!

Written by bloggermark

The new Words With Friends HD for the iPad is incredible! Almost 50 people are playing in this tournament on iPad. From the looks of it, this might be a reason to break down and by one! ;-)

Words With Friends HD

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4 Responses to “Words HD is Awesome!”

  1. Chris says:

    Definitely prefer using my iPad than the iPhone :)

  2. Janice.Ann says:

    Damn!!! WWF might be the only reason why I’ll get sucked into buying an iPad!

  3. Iz says:

    I work at the apple store, this is our demo app…there is always a crowd around the ipad and the app…honestly no one else can get a look at it haha

  4. Harlen says:

    Get me an iPad I’ll gladly buy this, lol…

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