• There are no results yet for this round of the monthly tournament.

Monthly Round 1

Written by Debbyoc

Deadline is Tuesday, August 4th at 10:00 pm Pacific Time,

Good luck to all.

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13 Responses to “Monthly Round 1”

  1. Allen Leon Quick says:

    so , I see there are some issues but here is my problem
    I was assigned an opponent (Lassy) in round 1 I won and updated on time however my match was not showing on the result page. I have checked round 2 results and I have not been issued a new opponent but the round 2 reads Click on to dispute. Help.

  2. Martha says:

    We have completed ROUND1 of the monthly AUG 2020 however i am not seeing the spaces on the website to record the scores

  3. pan0ramic says:

    I finished my round 1. Why does it say I was eliminated?

  4. Allen says:

    Was assigned Lassy as an opponent in the Aug monthly. I updated the scores but our match is not in the results page now Help!?

  5. Glencopa says:

    The opponent I was given for Round 1 of Aug monthly already has another opponent so I was unable to play. I did ask on the questions page but no answer as yet.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Is there no daily?