Use of Outside Help Not allowed including Swap+

Written by Debbyoc

There have been many complaints about players using “outside help”. We ask that all players on our site use only your “ brain”. The in app feature “Swap +” is also not allowed. If you don’t want to use your brain then please go to one of the many Facebook groups that have no restrictions on their players.

You will be banned from our site if you use outside help including Swap+.

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8 Responses to “Use of Outside Help Not allowed including Swap+”

  1. Glencopa says:

    Totally agree, it defeats the object of the game

  2. LARRY BORGES says:

    Agree, players that I normally beat are now regularly kicking my butt. Some players with high 300 low 400 averages are now constantly scoring 500′s in tournaments. Makes one wonder.

    • choix says:

      The best thing about those people are that they have absolutely zero knowledge about how to play the game.

      I have frequently seen them waste blank tiles on low scoring words, when the same tiles (without the blank) could have been placed elsewhere for a few less points.

      The same goes with bingos being placed in risky positions when they could have been placed somewhere else for 1-2 less points.

      The only people that would play in that manner are people using outside help to find the highest scoring words, or people who are so bad that they would be incapable of scoring 500 points to begin with.

    • My average is under 400 and I see that three time winner flawzle is lower than me . It’s probably not fair to speak in those terms . Jacob is very strategic asv very fair . In my case , half my games are against my wife ( who is a 340 average ). It’s not good house politics to beat her every time. Deducting that gives me a 430 average . However Larry , just consider that with experience people also learn . You win around 65% of our games but our games for the past 10 years are invariably extremely close . There are cheats but they put down “ impossible “ words one after another . Easy enough to spot .

  3. Secretary of Beverages says:

    I agree totally with all the above comments. It seems that Zynga has been endeavoring as of late to remove all the skill from the game and make it more user-friendly to people who have no vocabulary or cannot spell. In talking about the insidious powerups like free swap and word clue and the inclusion of ridiculous “words” like SOZ and YIZ and TFW, etc. Thank you Debbie for doing your best to maintain the integrity of our site.

  4. Elizabeth Doherty says:

    I agree! I wish WWF would have a feature that records the moves in a game so that you could see when Swap+ was being used. It’s frustrating.

  5. Len Bober (OGR8) says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this . I’ve been a crusader for fair play for a long time ( which is 9 years on this site now ). There’s a fine line between ultra competitiveness and fair play which some cross.

    • Elizabeth Bicknell says:

      I agree wholeheartedly!

      And I always rate my opponents on the honesty scale, too.

      Good health and honest competition to all!