November Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to Secretary of Beverages for winning the November Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Hi, my name is Dave, I’m a recently retired letter carrier and part time Words freak. I live in Southeastern Massachusetts with my beautiful (and patient) wife of 31 years and our 2 furbabies whose sickening cute photos have graced my WWF page from time to time (and nauseated some of you, I’ll bet).

My WWF story is the same as many of you. I’m sure: about 7 years ago I discovered the game and was soon beating the tar out of friends and family to the point hat most of them refused to play with me. So I went searching for stiffer competition and stumbled upon Debby’s site. Well, it was a matter of “careful what you wish for” and soon I was the one getting shellacked more often than not. Around this time I started playing friendly games with Sean (notsting, roosterbyron and a million other unnamed) who was new to the game and I kind of helped him along. The student soon became the master and he went on to win the Monthly three times….he’s currently taking a break from Words to finish his masters (dude…priorities?).

The constant beatings forced me to sharpen my game, and a short 6 years later, I find myself in the finals! I have to thank Will for a great match, he’s a fierce competitor who really made me work for those two wins. Thanks also to my regular friendly opponents, Marisa (smallfry) and Donna (mamadon) and sometimes Annieport for keeping me on my toes. And of course all the other great players on the site, too many to mention all of you, but you guys challenge me to get better every day. I do have to give a shout out to those I consider the upper crust of the tourney, Len, Larry…..and Marilyn, I love ya, but I’m just thankful you weren’t in this final, ‘cause you’ve got my number every game!

Many thanks of course to Debby for keeping the site going and giving all of us Words nuts a playing field to romp around on.

And as always, cheers til next time.

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10 Responses to “November Monthly Winner”

  1. sean says:

    Yeah! What a guy. I remember Dave coaching me through my unwillingness to fish for words (isn’t it cheating?!?), teaching me how to make a margarita, questioning me about my user name choices (Secretary of Beaver was another of mine). Great guy!

    It’s amazing how your star is rising just as Tom Brady’s is diminishing into nothingness – where soon he will be as relevant as Aaron Hernandez.

    Can’t wait to celebrate your next victory!

    Spa Always,


  2. Jflawzle3 says:

    Well-deserved win – congrats!!!

  3. Marisa (smallfry777) says:

    Congratulations Dave!

    Actually, I kinda like “spas always!” LOL


  4. LARRY BORGES says:

    Congrats.. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy..

  5. Secretary of Beverages says:

    Um, the closing line is supposed to be “as always”, not “spas always.” Just in case anybody thought I was spending my retirement hanging around the sauna.

  6. Milmead says:

    Wow what a perfect pair of gents to play against each other in a final! Both deserved top spot winners !
    Love you resume – were you what we call A POSTIE? You are far too young to retire I am sure but leaves you plenty of time to play the game! Huge congrats – not sure which Marilyn you are talking about

    • Secretary of Beverages says:

      Thanks Marilyn. Yes, I was a “postie”, no I’m not too young to retire, and you know exactly who I’m talking about.

  7. Len Bober says:

    Hey DAVE
    Massive congrats mate ! Most deserved . You’re a great player and it was your time . You’ve kept us on our toes and amused. Your humour shows out in your note here. The comedy circuit needs a new player with an upbeat attitude .