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October Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to OGR8 on winning the October Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Hi, I’m Len Bober from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been playing this game for almost a decade now and still enjoy the daily battles. I’m also an avid scrabbler which helps me no end.

Winning my second Monthly Tournament this year was both a thrill and surprise. The level of competition is very high and any number of people are capable of winning. Luck and skill play a role sometimes.

To the great opponents I played on my run, thanks for the good humored battles. Shout out to my good friends Shelrose and Marilyn who are champions. You’ve helped me become a better player strategically. Debby, again, thank you for providing the platform for us to compete on. It’s really appreciated.

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One Response to “October Monthly Winner”

  1. Milmead says:

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to post an official congrats to Len! He is a true champion in every way. He is humble and erudite and leaves me no room for error! We always have fantastic games and chat – only one description for him – A SCHOLAR AND A GENTLEMAN!