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August Monthly Tournament Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to Milmead for winning our August Monthly Tournament. Here is her Bio:

This is my third monthly win on this site! I cannot remember when I joined but it must be at least 6/7 years ago! (January 2012 according to our records). I found it through a deep trolling on Google for Scrabble tourneys! Previously I had had some luck in other online tourneys where sore losers kept asking me questions about how I had learnt to play so well and which other tourneys I played in and what were my other user names? They became offensive when I explained I didn’t and I haven’t. Long story short I found Debby and all of you. Larry (?) gave me some initial hints one of which was try to join two short words together and generally helped me along! You were all so welcoming and my confidence grew within a few months.

I usually get knocked out in the first couple of rounds but who cares it’s always fun!

I found great folk who sometimes chat and we get to know one another. Some are silent and thank the Lord only a few crotchety ones! After a couple of years playing someone let slip I was referred to as “the old English lady”! I can cope with that!

Long may these tournaments run and totally gratitude to Debby who through trials and tribulations always delivers each month!

Thanks to Jacob for 2 incredible games and great chat as always!

Love you all

Marilyn aka the old English lady!

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3 Responses to “August Monthly Tournament Winner”

  1. Len Bober says:

    Congrats Marilyn . Beat me in the semis and I can’t think of anyone I don’t mind being beaten by except you ( and Jacob ). Such a great and gracious player ! Till next time friend !

  2. jflawzle3 says:

    Congrats and a well-played final to you too! Always a pleasure!

  3. Milmead says:

    Wow many thanks Debby for knowing my start date! How time flies