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May Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to trueheartd for winning our May Monthly tournament. I have had the pleasure of meeting her! Here is her bio:

Many thanks to Debby for running this site and keeping it fun. The hours you put in to keep this site going is not unnoticed. I appreciate your time and effort.

I am a retired Army veteran and a Navy brat so I’ve been to various places and have dabbed in a little bit of everything. My curious nature has given me the opportunity to pick up various trades that has come in handy later on.

I’ve been playing WWF since 2011 and stumbled upon this site around the same time. This game has been a great platform for making friends and learning various different things about people, tons of useless words and that patience is definitely a virtue when you’re searching for that higher scoring word.

Thank you Chad for the exciting games we played. Getting to the finals is definitely not a walk in the park since there are many deserving and tough opponents out there.

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2 Responses to “May Monthly Winner”

  1. Kari says:


  2. Len Bober says:

    Congrats Bec. We had the best of contests back in March this year and I’m delighted for you to have won your monthly . You’re a great player . I said it was just a matter of when , and you nailed it .