March Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to OGR8 for winning our March Tournament.

Firstly , let me congratulate Becky who helped make this Final the best contest . She is a great player and a very gracious person The result was in doubt, turn to turn .
I’ve been playing WWF since 2011 and as long on this site. I’ve played scrabble since age 5 and I’m know to be a walking dictionary ( not sure that’s a good thing ). When I’m not playing this game I’m running a large Joinery business in Sydney , Australia. This game is a wonderful outlet for me outside of work.
Thank you to all of my good friends I’ve made on this site , Jacob, Will , Dave ( Sec of Bev) Larry , Annie and Beckie of course . You make playing fun and playing you guys has made me a better player as you regularly trounce me.
Last and not least , Debby thank you for all you do for us and operating this site . Awesome !

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2 Responses to “March Monthly Winner”

  1. jflawzle3 says:

    Well-deserved monthly win! Congrats again!! Very happy for you!


    Great win.. Always fun playing against you