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February Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to soonerself for winning our February Monthly Tournament.

Even though I play in the daily and every monthly, my last win in the monthly was over three years ago, and that followed a two year gap from my previous win. That just shows how tough it is to win the monthly. More importantly, it proves how important good tiles are in the games when good players match up. My semifinal and final wins were come from behind wins because I had better tiles in my final rack. Jacob is a great player, but the tiles were with me in both games.

I’m 44 and a happily married father of two girls – one a teenager and one on the verge of becoming one. My life revolves around God and my family, with some friends and hobbies sprinkled in…oh, and work. I graduated several years ago from GA Tech, but I grew up an Oklahoma Sooners fan (hence SoonerSelf) and I try to attend a couple games each year. I love watching and playing sports, and I play basketball a couple times a week and run a few times a week as well. I also love to travel with my wife and family.

A friend introduced me to WWF in March 2011 and playing the one or two games at a time with him was not nearly enough. I found this site and have been consistent ever since. WWF is the only game I play on any platform, and I’m very appreciative of the players, this site, and the work Debby/Don do to keep it running. Good luck to all in March.

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One Response to “February Monthly Winner”

  1. jflawzle3 says:

    Congrats on the monthly! Well played finals!