November Monthly Champion

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to VivaciousVicks for winning our November Monthly Tournament. Here is her bio:

Hello to all my WWF colleagues from the Philippines!

I am a self employed wife and a mother of two kids. My husband is a private nurse and my kids are 15 and 7 years of age, boy and girl, both studying. I love baking cakes and pastries and mixing perfumes which later became my business.

Way back in my childhood days, I was always playing “Scrabble” with my uncles, aunties and older cousins. This was one of my favorite board games in our family aside from “Word Factory” and “Cluedo”. I was only 7 years old back then and the youngest in the family, but I remember defeating them all, most of the time, every time we gather in my grandma’s big house and play those stuffs. Thanks to the makers of this very nice game “WWF” and the administrators of this tournament for giving us so much fun and enjoyment, at the same time, very challenging playing moments everyday.

Winning this November Monthly Tourney means a lot to me! This event brought me lots of memories 39 years ago!

Thank so much to all my friends here in “WWF” tournament!!!

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2 Responses to “November Monthly Champion”

  1. VivaciousVicks says:

    Thank you, Jflawzle3!

  2. Jflawzle3 says:

    Congrats on the monthly win!!!