“Official” word list has changed!?!

Written by Don

If you recently upgraded your WWF app, then you may have noticed some new words that are being allowed. I will only cite one specific example, and it can be a powerful one. “ZA” is now allowed as a word!! (Of course this was already allowed in “Scrabble.”)

I am not sure if/when the official word list will be updated, but be on the look out for these changes!

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198 Responses to ““Official” word list has changed!?!”

  1. William Norman says:

    JISM has been removed… Are they purging vulgar slang?

  2. Aaron O'Donoghue says:

    Why is Nazi not aloud?

  3. deb says:

    just played Taos and it was accepted. why?

  4. Kimako Mosley says:

    I am currently having a problem with an individual I’m playing and wwf will not accept several words i.e. swum, scum, come, cost, and a few others. So I guess since these are not common French words, that’s where the flag represents, I’m S.O.L.

  5. Buffalo Bob Smith says:

    “Dictionary.com”….I quote it because it is a faux dictionary. Zynga is apparently too cheap to partner up with a real dictionary. One example of HUNDREDS that I’ve encountered is the word VINY. This faux dictionary “defines” it as an ADJECTIVE….yes, just an adjective!!!!
    Then the jack-offs at WWF have the cohones to claim that the word was used by James for 1769 pts. Can Zynga verify that claim? I know they can’t and they are to chicken s#%} to respond.
    Go ahead ZYNGA… prove that BULLS#%} that 1769 pt you put out there!!!

    • James Mack says:

      Absolutely correct…..on both counts!!!!!

    • Nancy Sheintal says:

      I totally agree with Buffalo Bob Smith regarding bogus words. I have had proper nouns accepted, such as the word Saul. Saul is a name and I can not find ANY definition other than Saul being a biblical name. I still enjoy playing, even though I wish if a word was not accepted in scrabble, it would not be accepted in WWF. Unfortunately, I don’t make the rules. Still, the enjoyment of this game is not diminished by the strange word acceptance. It is just frustrating.

    • Janie says:

      What about bogus words like “dorbug” that appear to be “valid” in the WWF dictionary but have no definition? I get this from high scoring opponent every day?!?!

    • Janie says:

      …and “ahing”….??????

  6. CE says:

    The descriptin “mexican rice” is a type of cuisine. This under lines the point that Words with Friends is consistently inconsistent. I can play a particular word one day, and play it the next and then play that exact same word the next. It will be accepted perhaps the first day, then again on a third day. That word played on the first and third day is accepted, while being rejected on the second day. Upon further study of my opponents and their country of origination, it appears to be according to whom I’m playing, and from where the game originated.. If I initiate the game, I assume being in the United States is why it accepts words found in a common U.S. dictionary. Yet, if someone else initiate the game from another country such as the particular person I’m playing from the Middle East. I have to assume we’re using the version which he or she uses. Had I challenged that individual first would it instead use my dictionary? So, to me, it seems there are certain words I can use for my U.S., English opponents, which are totally rejected by the English form an opponent may be using.
    On a final note, I’ve been playing Words with Friends to increase and hone my vocabulary. Therefore, it never occurred to me that looking up words would be considered cheating. I look them up both when others play them and when I have a question or a need to know.. I am definitely playing for points. So of course, I look for words that may be unusual to me, but are nevertheless used in general.

  7. bill says:

    I have had problems where I have had a word rejected and later in the same game my opponent used the same word and it was accepted. Plus I have never heard anyone refer to a pizza as a za and obscure words from foreign languages are accepted but commonly used ones from French (Le and les) and Spanish (si) are not acceptable. Crap game and I only play it because my friend loves it so much. Frustrating grrrr

    • Lynda Haven says:

      Selecting additional languages might expand your vocabulary.

    • Lily says:

      I only knew “za” because a friend who has 8 million kids used it in conversation, and then laughed at me when I asked what the heck a za was. His University undergrad degree is in English, I bet his parents are thinking that was money well spent. Za is accepted, but not the far more common word for cigarette that Zynga won’t allow because some people use it in a derogatory way. Makes zero sense.
      My paragraph has red underlined words, wanna guess which ones? Spoiler alert, it is za. Well, that and Zynga.

  8. Jenefer Sutton says:

    Why does WWF accept the word “ib” which is not a word, also I tried to put in “zac” which WWF didn’t accept from me, yet accepted “zac” from another player
    Also why do notes get completely out of sequence, or are not delivered

  9. Mhaines4 says:

    Please add the word Torta

  10. Kerrie Roye says:

    Why wont wwf accept the word “nano”

    • Lily says:

      The Q without “u” words I memorized years ago for Scrabble, and many two letter words for same are never allowed. And really? “Fag” is a cigarette. That is what it has always and will only mean to an enormous amount of people. But WWF should know where the word began, as common slang for a cigarette, and not annoying themselves PC Police and not allow it in the game.
      How about putting all acceptable words in a FREE WWF “dictionary ” we can access like Scrabble has done? I mean, they basically stole the Scrabble game, put a new name on it and make money from it, so any sort of moral superiority by Zynga kind of flew out the window quite a while ago.
      I’m tired of being really good at Scrabble, then losing to people who use words they don’t even have a definition for in Words. It’s just not fun. I can’t use words that are accepted in the game Drop Words either. Why?

    • Lily says:

      Is nano a word on its own, or is it only a prefix? Off the top of my head i would say it’s the prefix bit, but you can check. It sure doesn’t seem anyone at Zynga is coming here to help. They should, since there are some good questions here. I don’t even know if my question will post, apparently it is waiting moderation. Boo.

  11. Steven says:

    My words with friends just allowed JE as a two letter word. That is not a two letter word :\ I cant find it on ANY list.

    • Cindy says:

      Just happened in one of my games! Opponent played “JAY” against an “E,” meaning that he played “JE” and it was accepted. Plus, the game won’t accept my play of “DJIN” which is an acceptable word.

    • Lily says:

      I looked at the 2 letter word list on this page. Je is not on it, so something is definitely wonky there.

  12. Keith Lavere says:

    Why wont the word squa work?

    • Lily says:

      What’s your definition? If you mean Native American wife, it’s spelled wrong. But I don’t know if that was what you’re trying to spell. Off the top of my head, “squa” isn’t a word. Ooh, spell check agrees. Granted, spell check is as dumb as a box of hair sometimes.
      I would look for it in a regular dictionary – you might have played a misspelled “word” . HTH.

  13. scott says:

    I have many problems with this game that lessens my enjoyment.
    I would like to see a Classic Game (basically Scrabble) where NO syllabic constructions are allowed which they call “valid Words with Friends Words” that currently have no definitions.”
    Secondly, I would like to play a speed version where there is a two-minute limitation so people are not busily looking up obscure words and have to actually depend on their own vocabulary knowledge.
    Anybody interested?

    • Lily says:

      Sign me up! I HATE the thought that people cheat. I wouldn’t, what’s the point? I want to actually win the game, not show off my Googling skills. I was playing a person I don’t know and was winning, then suddenly she had magically been fired a brand new vocabulary of words no one uses, and she zoomed past me. So if I quit, I look like a sore loser. It’s just no fun.

  14. Jan says:

    Love to play solo against the computer. Why then does “it” get the list of valid (not in the dictionary) words and I don’t . Unfair advantage. Is it listed anywhere??

  15. John Steinert says:

    Here’s a word I’d suggest surely be in the next update: “bonobo”. Both Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster do currently show this defined as a species of pygmy chimp…the animal has been highly publicized for quite some time now. It is not a proper noun and is not capitalized in articles etc.

  16. John Steinert says:

    The acceptable use of slang is curious for sure. How about the word HOLP defined as the past tense of HELP. Excuse me, but who the heck says “My brother and I HOLP with the packing of her car.” ? Sorry, but HELPED is the past tense of HELP…. none other.

  17. john says:

    i have had many proper nouns accepted but the word that Englishmen use for cigarette is not accepted. Also several words have disappeared recently.

    • sierra says:

      That one is obvious since it doesn’t allow words tgat are commonly used in a derogatory way…. except, of course, “goy,” a Yoddish word used to describe one who is not Jewish.

      • Lily says:

        It’s not “obvious” for we who do not use or even think of that word in a derogatory way. The cig meaning was around first, used still and often, and hello, who knew we needed to be policed like that? It’s absurd.
        I guess you meant Yiddish? That word was originally intended to be derogatory, so it makes even less sense that it is allowed, but gaf backwards is not.

  18. tosh says:

    Why would a word like “glory” not be accepted?

  19. Geoff T says:

    Word cavorter not accepted in ipad app words with friends – would’ve be nice at 125 points – had to use overreact at 42 !!!!!!!

  20. M says:

    Can someone tell me why Zulu is not allowed?

    • Tom says:

      Over the last two weeks a bug has repeatedly occurred where common words like HE and ALIVE are rejected. In both cases the rejection message has the word in lower case with the last letter in upper case like ‘Sorry, alivE is not an acceptable word. I’m sure this a bug, noy a word list change. Nevertheless very irritating when that word will win the game if it was working correctly.

      • Betty Temmer says:

        I’ve had the same problem numerous times. I have not updated to the new version and don’t want to!

    • Rita says:

      WWF does not allow proper nouns – words that are always capitalized. Zulu is a proper noun.

    • Lily says:

      I would guess they think Zulu is a proper noun. My spell check insists on capitalizing Zulu, so I would bet all the cash I have on hand (Ooh! Three bucks!) that you are in proper noun territory.

  21. socatwo says:

    Very disappointed! Today aporias was not accepted as a word. Is this an aporia (pun intended) I wonder?????

  22. Linda says:

    LIVEDO. A medical term describing appearance a of the skin. Word rejected today

    • Artnants says:

      aurene IS a word and rejected too. As well as seine and seiner, both words I have used my whole life! What dictionary are they using??!!

    • Debbi Owen says:

      I am about ready to throw in the towel. It was a bit weird to get used to “cheating” by referring to an “official ‘Words with Friends” dictionary while figuring out my next move. HOWEVER, I have just unsuccessfully tried using the fifth “real word” (according to the WWF dictionary) within the last 4 days. The game has rejected every one. SO… with no reliable source to check the validity of my words in the game, the fun has quickly dissipated. This really makes me mad! I know it’s just a game but it’s one of the very few I’ve enjoyed.

  23. Jonathan Durston says:

    Is “fop” still a valid word? One of my WWF apps has it in it’s dictionary and the other does not.

    Maybe this changed recently.

    Anyone know?

  24. John Paul says:

    I got very excited because I had RETEXTED but it wasn’t accepted! There have been a few Scrabble words too but it’s still a great game.

    John Paul

    • Lily says:

      You think retexted is a word? No sympathy there, sorry! Urban dictionary words definitely don’t count.

      It probably will be one day, but I bet with ye olde dash betwixt “re” and “text”. The dictionary probably still understands the word “text” as a noun. It has only been used as a slangy verb for what, a decade and a half or so?

  25. Marvin says:

    Why won’t the game accept Hebrew?

    • Wren77377 says:

      I’m tagging on to your question, Marvin. The game has also rejected “Islam” and “Christian” for me. I do not get it and it really makes me mad. I’d love an explanation for the rejection of these words, besides “it’s not in the Scrabble dictionary”. Ok, buy WHY?

      (I’m not religious. This is just a word-nerd rant).

  26. Pharaby says:

    words wouldn’t let me play “nare.” another word for nostril.

  27. Netty says:

    Why aren’t religious words accepted

  28. Scrjim says:

    Whoa, just played “abo” on a lark. It played! Know there was an update a day or two ago, is there a new list or a bug?

  29. Sean says:

    AMEX is either an abbreviation for American Express (a proper noun) or the American Stock Exchange. How is this a valid word?

  30. Mary Ann says:

    Having a similar problem with common words: go, ago, we, et, ti.
    I have the free app. Is there some difference from the paid app.?

    • HalfKort says:

      Yeah I went to go play “mexican” and it will not allow me to play it saying it is not a word. Even if you say this has to do with a type of people (hence capital letter words not allowed) it is also a style of food and therefor not a proper noun. Lame

      • Scooteristi says:

        Mexican as a cuisine will always be a Proper Noun and therefore unplayable, just as French as a cuisine is a Proper Noun. However, French as an adjective (french fries, french kiss, french toast) is valid.

  31. vi says:

    For the past week it has not allowed me to play “we”, “ab”, nor “et” yet one of my opponentsnplayed all three and were allowed to use them. Does the WwF or Zynga have a place where we can let them know of this glitch?Thx.

  32. Chas says:

    Why in the world is “fop” not allowed in WWF?

  33. Jane Dobos says:

    And wwf game that I have had on my phone and on my home computer were not in synic. And is there a site were i can ask these questions instead of this page ???

  34. Eric says:

    It won’t take the word “novela”.

    Sorry but there’s no valid reason for this.

  35. Linda says:

    It won’t take “fop” either, which is in both the Merriam Webster and Scrabble dictionaries. Not even any kind of race, gender, or sexual slur! Not any kind of bad word.

    • chas says:

      I agree. Fop should be included. It means a Dandy. There is a great show now at the Rhode Island School of Design
      “Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion”
      They are fops. It is not a derogatory term. (well, not any more than, “short”, “fat” or “ugly” can be derogatory depending on context).

    • Dee says:

      I have played “fop.” iPad2 newest version of WWF.

    • JoSinktapy says:

      Actually, WWF does accept racial slurs. But only those that refer to white people.. e.g. honky, peckerwood, redneck, gringo. I can’t find any non-white slurs that work. XD

  36. Heather Armenta says:

    Za is not a word and is accepted by this game but yet other things that are words are not. This game sucks. Whoever invented this must have their own dictionary!!

    • D'Ann says:

      Exactly my thoughts! What’s the deal with we’d not allowing real words to be played but allows all those two letter words I’ve never heard of!

  37. Kim Jack says:

    Can’t play hryvnia. It’s money in the Ukraine

  38. Janet Cbreeze says:

    WWF has not allowed me to,play atbleast 5 – 7 words that ARE words. What is up with that? And then someone played PASEO and VIVE. Give me a freakin break! Seriously!

    • Jane Dobos says:

      Some of my players are having trouble with this game and they have e mailed their request for help and with no answer from any of you guys. Is there anything they and do besides loading and reloading ????

      • Debbyoc says:

        We are an independent wwf tournament site from the wwf app. Zynga is the owner of the app and you will have to contact them for any app related questions.

  39. Annonomys says:

    WWF won’t let me play the word “Jewish” is there a reason why? Like maybe it’s offensive or something?

    • WA T-Man says:

      WWF won’t let me play the word “June.” What’s offensive about that?

    • D'Ann says:

      It says in rules no word can be played that should start with a capital letter. But I’m with you on them allowing some crazy ass words I’ve never heard of nor did I know there was so many two letter words. Like Aa. Who would think Thats a word. But they except it.

      • James says:

        “Go” and “ago” are no longer allowed….same with “ab” and “et”

      • Josh says:

        The word ‘aa’ is a volcanic word pronounced as ‘ay-ah’.

        • Dee says:

          Sorry, it’s pronounce “ah-ah” – it’s a certain kind of cooled lava that’s sort of “crumbly” looking. It’s actually spelled “a’a” with that gutteral mark sounding like the one in “uh-oh.” Interesting they allow this, but don’t allow “vog” which means volcanic fog and is a common word here in Hawaii.

    • John says:

      I know it won’t accept Jew or Jewish but Hebe is OK. Generally a derogatory word.

      • David Balderrama says:

        It’ll also allow you to use the words “English”, “French”, and “German” (all capitalized, by the way), but yeah, no “Hebrew”. Nor “Spanish”, “Mexican”, “African”, “Yiddish”, “Chinese”, “Japanese”, or even “Asian”. It will let you use “Oriental”, “pinko”, and “commy”, though, so that’s great. A wonderful step backward in history, and cultural respect and diversity. Three cheers for Manifest Destiny!