October Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to Dale_j for winning our October Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

This is my first monthly win since joining almost four years ago.  Thanks to all my opponents over the years for adding to my words inventory and for helping me sharpen my offensive and defensive playing.  And thanks to Debby for keeping the site up and running.  Without you and the tile bag treating me more kindly this month than it did my opponents, this would never have happened.

I have been solving word and other puzzles and playing word games with my family and friends for as long as I can remember (I turn 65 in November).  We always played card and board games, including Scrabble, at family gatherings (birthdays, holidays, etc.).  Besides a normal education and all the game playing, my base of words comes from a lot of former occupations including candy making, chemistry lab tech, auto repair and parts sales, machinist and welder, general handyman work, selling antiques, collectables and craft supplies, owning a family gift store.  I also listened to audiobooks (large mix of subjects) while crisscrossing the country by land and air selling at trade shows for 25 years and look up every word played against me I don’t recognize or remember to try and make it stick someplace in my memory where I can find it when needed.

Adding to the above is all the new medical terms one learns when we get older from our own, family members’ and friends’ various new or worsening ailments.

Hope to see you in the monthly tournaments and the daily games,


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2 Responses to “October Monthly Winner”

  1. Martin says:

    Congrats Dale… you thoughly deserved the win. I enjoyed the games and friendlies since. You are all class!!