February Monthly Champion

Written by Debbyoc

Congrats to RoosterByron for winning our February Monthly Tournament. Here’s his bio!

Hello, My name is Sean Kennedy and I live in Anchorage. I work in an elementary school where I teach Alaska Native and American Indian students in small group instruction. I have a wife and some kids that are too much fun.  Like many of us I grew up playing Scrabble with grandparents and parents. I didn’t play again until I got a smart phone in 2010. Didn’t get to Words With Friends until a year later. Shortly after I found this amazing site. Shortly after I found the Secretary of Beverages (DAVE) – learned a lot about playing this game from him, what to do and NOT do – you’ve all seen his patented moves that some day should lead him to the finals. Then I found so many others. Larry, Mr. Beckham, Miasdad, Adam, Jonathon, Kari. Jim introduced me to the “o rule” – gotta try an O at the end of everything. BEAN, RANCH, WANDER takes two, etc. I made it to the finals a year ago (and in a similar manner – too many blanks and premiums) where I lost to Marilyn in three amazing games. Marilyn referred to us as ’2 ranked outsiders’.  Not sure that’s how I would describe her, but it suits  me!  Two final thoughts – glad I was able to make it to the finals through Mr. Beckham. I couldn’t have made it to the finals any other way. And Adam, I didn’t express this to him, but he is probably my favorite person to play against, don’t have the patience, time or xanax to play him too often, but he seems to bring out the best in me. Thanks Debby for your time. Last final thought – everybody seems to come to Alaska sometime, let me know when you’re coming through and we’ll go moose hunting, or whatever.
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4 Responses to “February Monthly Champion”

  1. Mias_dad says:

    Congratulations dude!

  2. Secretary of Beverages says:

    Sean, you told me you were scared to death of moose. CQ. Anyway, congrats, you deserved the win.

  3. Tommy Jane Roberts says:

    Congratulations, Sean! A lot of hard work to get to the top! Lassy

  4. SoonerSelf (Adam) says:

    Congrats Sean. Long overdue. So glad I could help you rise to the occasion. ;-)