January Monthly Champion

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to Larry, lwb2012 for winning the January Monthly Tournament. Here is his bio:

Wow, finally the old man won…

I am 75 years old and a retired Engineering Director for the Navy Department.  My office provided facilities and equipment required to repair, overhaul and modify Navy aircraft, missiles, engines, avionics and components.  I have been married for 46 years and enjoy cruising.  My wife and I have been on 56 cruises..

Was introduced to Scrabble in the 60′s and started playing WWF in 2012 when I purchased an IPad.  I joined www.net in December 2012 and tried to play in each daily and monthly tourney to hone my skills.  It was the best thing that I did as the skill level here is unmatched.  I learned something in each game I played.  Mark, Debby and the multitude of others here have my deep appreciation and thanks.

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6 Responses to “January Monthly Champion”

  1. Alem, in Words With Friends it is possible to continually exchange letters with your opponent until you have the right ones, so it’s quite simple to just keep exchanging tiles until you have it right. Either this is tongue in cheek and a complete setup, or a series of coincidences combined with sophomoric humour with a rarity of occurrence that is astoundingly monumental.

  2. Thomas says:

    Way to go and way to represent California!

  3. Trueheartd says:

    Congrats Larry!

  4. Mias_dad says:

    Congratulations dude!

  5. Avery says:

    About time you win one of these with the way you play against me. I knew it was coming. Congratulations Larry

  6. Marilyn says:

    Wow how wonderful! You are such a great player and role model as to how to play respectfully and brilliantly! Long may you be with us – even if you are a little tardy on the AT SEA days! What a glorious way to start the new year – it’s downhill from here!