September Monthly Champion

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to -ephemeron- for being our September Monthly Champion. Here is his bio:

Hey fellow word nerds,
My name is Avery. I’m currently a freshman in college with hopes to study Statistics. As I mentioned in my public notes, I am a registered NASPA player and am ranked in the top 100 players in North America. I am 18 now, but I reached the second highest position held by a player under 18 in North America. Here’s a little more background about me:
I began playing Scrabble at a very young age when my parents introduced me to it. I combined 4 sets of tiles and made long crosswords that I wouldn’t let my mom vacuum up (that carpet sure got dusty!). I first attended a sanctioned NASPA club at age 7 (I won my first game ever 441-378… I still have that scoresheet!) and played in my first tournament at age 9. I’ve loved the game ever since, and I’ve devoted much of my free time to developing my strategies, studying word lists and word patterns (25000 7 and 8 letter words!). I can’t say much about my social life because it doesn’t really exist. Who says you need to be social in college to have success? When I’m not playing Scrabble though, I love crossword/Sudoku puzzles, reading, and of course, eating.
I decided to make a return to this site, and the tile gods sure appreciate it, because I’ve only had to post one score below 400 this month (and it was a 399!). Ridiculous amounts of luck against some of the toughest competitors I’ve seen is really the best method for winning I suppose (but you have to have solid strategies to keep a lead! Word knowledge is only half the battle). Had I not been so fortunate with my drawing, this title could easily have gone to someone else. I’m pretty thankful that I was able to keep the momentum alive!
A big thank you to the admins who run this site every day and to all the players who gather to share our passion for a good game. I’ve already made some good friends along the way and I hope to make more. Feel free to match me any time, even if it’s not for a tournament game – I promise I don’t bite! Maybe my playing does, but I try to be nice in the chat :-) ACTUARY GEEKS – I mean, TAKE CARE GUYS.
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13 Responses to “September Monthly Champion”

  1. Secretary of Beverages says:

    Good job Avery. I figured it was just a matter of time before you won the whole bag of marbles. Or is it ball of wax? Whatever, congrats.

  2. Scott says:

    Great job Avery! Score one for the good guys!

  3. Brendan says:

    Congrats big guy! Nice to see an honest player win. Tony’s app didn’t stand a chance.

  4. Trueheartd says:

    Congratulations on your win!

  5. Mias_dad says:

    Well played Avery, so glad you won this for all the aficionados of the game out here! Congrats and look forward to getting matched with you in the daily soon!

  6. roosterbyron says:


  7. Avery says:

    Where do I provide a bio? I can make one!

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