June Monthly Winner

Written by Debbyoc

Congrats to SoonerSelf for winning the June Monthly Tournament!

Hi everyone.  I’m Adam from outside of Atlanta, GA.  I’ve been playing WWF since 2011 and am at a loss when I don’t have a game or two (or more) going each day.  My wife has come to tolerate it.  The competitors on this site provide a great challenge every time, both in the monthly and daily tournaments.  One game you think you’re smart and then you get humbled in the next thanks to a word barrage from a tough player.  But they all help me improve.  I really enjoyed the matches this month, especially against Jimmie, a fellow Sooner fan, in the finals.  It was only fitting that it went to a tiebreaker game.  I also want to thank Ike for being patient while I was on vacation.  Our tiebreaker game ended in a tie, but fortunately I had the lead before he played out.  The reality is that I had a great run of tiles in all of my matches, and that’s what’s needed to win against the competition on this site.  Thanks again to Debby for keeping the site going! Boomer Sooner!

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  1. mias_dad says:

    Congratulations dude!

  2. Guy says:

    Congrats. Overdue win!

  3. Marisa (smallfry777) says:

    Congratulations Adam!

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