Zynga Announcement

Written by Debbyoc

Many of you are having problems with the WWF app. Here is an announcement from Zynga, “Zynga games are currently unavailable for some players due to technical difficulties. We are working hard to resolve the issue and hope to have things back up and running very soon! Thank you for your patience!”

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44 Responses to “Zynga Announcement”

  1. Elaine says:

    Why does WWF keep kicking me off. It takes forever to come back on. This has been the standard for so long and it drives me crazy! It takes 10 minutes to put down a word.

  2. Amy Mergner says:

    Why can’t I send or receive chat messages???

  3. Maggie Carter says:

    I will be deleting this app if the chatline is not fixed SOON!. It has been weeks and my friends are dropping me from games, thinking I am no longer interested. Please refund the money I paid!

  4. Maggie Carter says:

    Chat line has not been working for a couple of weeks. I paid for the app. Please fix this! Thank you. Soon would be good.

  5. Carol G Manley says:

    I received a message to update my Words HD on my IPad. I hit “ok” and get a message that there is no app to update and I should contact the developer. I remain unable to play Words HD on my Ipad. I can use my Word’s With Friends on my IPhone which has been compatible with Words HD on my IPad even though the phone game is regular Words and I have not been asked to update the IPhone version.

    This is really frustrating!

  6. susanology says:

    I am using the paid app on ipad air 2 running ios 10.2.1, and cannot chat with anyone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, ensured app up to date, and software up to date, and nothing working.

    the help function has nothing on this issue, and there seems to be no way to contact support.

    I saw in another thread that there is a fix for the free game, but apparently not for the paid game. annoying.

  7. Carol says:

    Issues with Chat on Word. Pressed to Delete messages and now can’t receive or send messages on I Pad. How do I get this option back on my I Pad. It works ok on my I Phone. I’m playing on I Pad using WIFI. Had issues for a week or 2 now as it doesn’t show what I am typing in my messages sometimes and also ad at bottom covering half the messages and won’t allow me to read them. Should I uninstall the app and reinstall? Thank you

  8. Judee Ladrigan says:

    Every time I try to play my screen goes black! It won’t stay open long enough to even move my first tile!
    Literally a couple of seconds is all I get before it disappears over and over again!
    I am playing multiple people and don’t want to shut down, but am very frustrated and ready to quit playing WWF altogether! Because we are playing for badges,
    time is of the essence, please help!!!
    Thank you!!!

  9. cagney says:

    Zynga fix these problems.

  10. cagney says:

    I have all of the same problems others are talking about from time to time. Why doesn’t Zynga fix the problems. We have to watch enough ads.

  11. judy west says:

    I purchased words with friends. Probably January 1 2014. Game got so messed up I had Verizon delete my phone. How can I get aclean game back. Do I have to pay again?
    answer soon.

  12. Marilyn says:

    I have been unable to get into WWF since the first week of December, 2013. I just get that white cicle spinning and spinning but the game will not open. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, but that didn’t do any good. I am playing on my laptop with Windows 8.

  13. Julia says:

    After I have had a turn and an ad is supposed to come up all I get is a blank screen and I cannot continue playing. How can I fix this? :-(

  14. Andy D says:

    When I try to log in into words with friends through facebook on my android phone I get website not available

  15. Kevin says:

    I used all my letters (I am losing by the way) – my opponent still has letters left – I am not able to pass my turn back to my opponent – so the game is stale – this is lame!….

  16. Larry says:

    I have been using WWF for some time on my original, first version of the iPad. I had no problems until I upgraded yesterday to the current version of WWF. Now the top of the WWF display looks to be under the iPad’s information row, with the time, signal strength, battery strength, etc.

    Does anyone know how to fix this screen display problem?

  17. David says:

    I’m getting towards the end of a game on my iPad and my letters have frozen so I cannot make a move. I am also unable to send my opponent a chat message. Any ideas?

  18. Nick Bowen says:

    Words With Friends won’t load unless I refresh. Then it loads but players names are a combination of gibberish with numbers after them – zyngawf, joatmon, and fossil man.

  19. Marilyn Bucko says:

    Why is it that my account which is a user number has now been changed back to my husband’s name? My opponents keep thing they are playing with him.. How can that change. This is frustrating.

  20. Ron says:

    While playing WWF I played the word Nexus for triple word points . I was credited for a total of 9 points instead of 38 points . Is there a fix for this problem ?

  21. Donna says:

    Words not working for past 2 days. Just keeps trying to load. About to delete and try something else. Getting tired of these problems.

  22. Pikabill says:

    Does Zynga even have a real support system? I can’t log in and “the intertubes are broken” is all I get no matter what circuitous route I take looking for support. I had to reinstall the game and now it insists they never heard of me and that my User Name is already taken. I know it is… BY ME!

    • nancy says:

      I am experiencing the same thing. very frustrating.

      • cagney says:

        I have no solution, but just wanted to let everyone know I also have some of these same issues. Nice to know I am not alone. Why doesn’t Zynga fix these problems

    • Jerry C. says:

      Completely agree. I have the paid version on my phone and when I logged onto my computer at zynga.com it will now not update on my phone. It tells me the email I use does not exist, but I just used the email to log into the website.
      definitely too hard to sync a desktop and mobile account.

  23. Jerica says:

    I had submitted all 7 letters in one play and it didn’t give me the 35 points extra? It had also gave me less points before. Why?

  24. Valerie Ellis says:

    For a few weeks now I have been able to play only one or two games before it refuses to transmit my word. I have to go out of WWF, out of Facebook, back in, and can only play one game before it refuses to work again. Furthermore, often the whole page jumps up making it impossible to get my letters on the board.

  25. Mike Rasmussen says:

    Just got a new HP with Windows 8 for my Mom, and have a strange situation with Words with Friends running on Facebook. She can play a game with no problem, but it won’t switch between games. [F5] or Home allows her to switch, but doing that is annoying.

    Based on what I see on my Mac, her machine is probably blocking the Zynga ads, but her popup blocker is turned off. Any thoughts or theories would be appreciated. Thanks!

  26. Leslie says:

    My trouble is deleting finished games…I can’t. The
    little red delete button doesn’t appear when I swiipe
    across the game I want to delete. I uninstalled the
    app and reinstalled the free one…this one works fine
    other than the adds. I payed for the one without.

  27. jk says:

    I made the mistake of following Zynga’s advice and deleting and reinstalling my app when the servers first crashed. Now it’s days later and I still can’t get back in; it insists that my email address does not exist.

    When I go through the app to try to reach tech support, I just get a page with an “the Intertubes are broken” message. Ha, ha.

    Anyone heard anything new from Zynga?

    • Bellatrix says:

      I had problems too. Think I probably uninstalled and reinstalled 5 or 6 times before it finally decided to work!

      • Bellatrix says:

        … and btw, what exactly are inter tubes??!

      • jk says:

        I’m on reinstall four. Guess I should keep trying. Looked at WWF’s Facebook page and a post from Wednesday saying that the game was back has more than 1,000 comments almost all saying no, not so much.

    • Margaret Pelletier says:

      I have that same problem and I haven’t been able to connect to any Zynga games for almost a year now. I wrote to Zynga and I wrote to Facebook and I never did received a word from either.

  28. Amy Porter says:

    Is this fixed yet? Every time I open the app, it closes after sitting trying to update.. 1-18-13

  29. GuestCas says:

    I know that I’m responding late, but I just happened upon the site. I had to remove and reinstall my Scramble app. Then I had no problems.

  30. Matt says:

    seems a bit better today

  31. Robin says:

    Some of my WWF opponents thought their tablets had broken down. Please get our games up and running again!!

  32. Heidi flenner says:

    Still cannot play. 1/16/13

  33. Jhager428 says:

    Jeff, bring it on. You must be good to be in tournaments and I need some competition. I beat everybody. :)

  34. Jeff says:

    Server has been down all day. I’m in many tournaments too. Hopefully it works soon

  35. Sharon peterson says:

    Is the problem sending and receiving. I have an older I pad so I can’t install the newest version! Please advise me–I tried the trouble shooting idea-no luck! Will wait to hear from you!

  36. Donna griffenkranz says:

    I cant play. It keeps saying uploading games for a few hours now

    • Loretta says:

      I haven’t played for about 10 days now – Just get a white circle spinning around and around. Doesn’t open at all. I play on my computer. Is this your problem? How did you fix it?