New Rules for Extra Words

Written by Don

So that our iPhone/iPad players are not disadvantaged, we have implemented rules in the daily and monthly tournaments which deal with extra words available on Android. These rules are effective immediately and can be read by clicking the relevant links on top of the page. In summary, if a player elects to play “iz”, “le” or “lez”, their opponent has the right to request that these words be deducted from the score. We anticipate this should affect only a very small number of games.

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14 Responses to “New Rules for Extra Words”

  1. Christina says:

    My opponents play of RA was just accepted!

  2. Anne says:

    You can add oo and oos to the list of words allowed by android and not by apple. My opponent played both today, unaware it was a problem. We discussed starting over, but I thought we might just run into the same issue with a different word. It’s hard to know how to play when your opponent has options you don’t. The words we know about may just be the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Funbox says:

    I just accidentally discovered that it’s accepting “ac” as a word on my android phone. What the hell?

  4. ChanceByFate says:

    So, would the Word Validator here be the current “authority” on whether a word should be allowed? I’m not sure what dictionary it uses, but I know at one point ABO was no longer accepted on my iPhone app, but still came up valid here for a little while ’til it finally caught upt. Can’t believe Zynga would not address this discrepancy.Hmf.

    • don says:

      The validator is updated manually and so at times may lag behind. The official rules will be the most up to date authority as far as this is concerned.

  5. COcanuck says:

    Thanks Don! A step in the right direction! I fear though that the flow of the game will be irreparable as proposed…better than nothing while we wait for Zynga to make such a simple fix as synchronizing its dictionaries, yet…

    I got burned the other night. I was cooking a bingo when my opponent played IZ for 33pts, making his lead pretty much insurmountable at 90+. but my bingo would have been worth about 60. After saying I was going to kindly resign, we persuaded each other to try and go forward and maybe let the site here decide. I kept building the bingo then he scored 51 more off the Z. I could not continue (the anger being toward Zynga, not my opponent).

    So if we take Android pts off the board and iPhone scores 100 off the Z, well no harm there! But if Android scores again, what do we do? Early/late in the game…bottom line I think it just be understood that a automatic rematch is necessary. IMO

    IZ is just too powerful a (non)word to get blindsided by!! No offense to all Android users.

    I have a bunch of screenshots to illustrate the problem in different games, including my inability to play IZ off the iPhone/iPad. Wrote Zynga, but perhaps an old support email address…no reply yet.

    • Mike says:

      I’m not sure I understand your logic?? If you reduce my score by 33 and you play a 100 pointer off the Z then all is good. But if I play again off the Z for big points (which I did), the you are due a re-match. Additionally, you said you could block it & opted not to. You had the same opportunity to play on it same as I did. Notwithstanding the fact that I was already holding a “fully-cooked” bingo + a blank and a previous 60 pt lead with only 10 tiles left. I agree that someting needed to be done regarding the word list disparity, but your comments make it sound like the playing of IZ cost you the game. Considering what we were both holding and being very close to the end, I find that highly unlikely at best.

      • COCanuck says:

        Very sorry Mike…you misunderstood where I was going above. 2nd paragraph illustrates what happened in our game. But I was not making it about our game at all, just the illustration.

        Third paragraph is where I was showing the fallacy of the proposed temp ruling. The “all is good” comment was tongue in cheek to show that the Android player who just got robbed of points gets burned by the illegally placed letter (of course iPhone will shut up then right?)…do we take those points off too? What if the 2nd illegal word is 7 letters? Then the whole board is screwed. I do not agree with the temp ruling, but it is better than nothing for now. Hopefully most players will just opt to restart.

        You are 100% right about our game, you had it in hand. But the possibility was there for me to come back before IZ. Your fully cooked bingo may not have existed because you would not have played IZ, etc., etc., etc. It’s like a time travel movie!

        Again, I was not complaining about our game at all. Was not even expecting you to read or respond to above. Cheers.

        • Mike says:

          I see your point now, sorry for the misunderstanding & thanks againg for the respectful conversation :) Moving on, nothing to see here…….

  6. AME is another word that opponents have played and that my Kindle WWF app hasn’t allowed.

    Thanks for all you do to make the tourneys here fun and fair!

  7. Andy Hooper says:

    Don….problem goes much deeper. First of all you can add MEX to the list….I am almost positive there are more. Also, I can now no longer play FOP on my Android device….this is of course a legitimate word. Have you had any luck with Zynga on these issues?

    • don says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have any special sway with the Zynga development process. We will try to gather the words and update the list in one big swoop rather than piecemeal.

  8. Duane says:

    thank u so much.

  9. smallfry777 says:

    Thank you!!!