Congratulations to our Finalists!

Written by Debbyoc

Congratulations to Boogyweed and DarthVader707 for making it to our last Monthly Finals of 2011. We look with anticipation for the wonderful commentary that I am sure the both of you will provide us! Good luck to the both of you. You are both winners!

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15 Responses to “Congratulations to our Finalists!”

  1. Martin (m A R T y 2) says:

    Nice Job Alex. No TB required. Understandably short commentary this time of year, but the home page Bio?.
    If it don’t show up soon, we’ll have to write a spoof one for you mate!

  2. Bloggermark says:

    Congrats. What a feat!! Nice to see some veterans of the site getting the limelight. :)

  3. Mias_dad says:

    Congrats Alex, always enjoy our games, well played!
    Well done to James also, not had the pleasure of playing you yet, but I look forward to it!

    Happy New Year to all!

  4. Stevieboy123 says:

    Congratulations to Alex you are a champion in every sense of the word. Also well done to James I know how tough it is to reach the final. You are both great players!

  5. Kin Ho says:

    Congrats Alex! So glad to see you winning a title here FINALLY. You kept your promise and reached the final. So sad that I was thrown out early. But I’m very very happy to see you crowned with the championship title. Fully deserved!!

    Also congrats to James for reaching the final.

    Cheers and Happy New Year!!
    Kin Ho

  6. eugene says:

    congrats Alex and James… two worthy finalists! And yes, Alex, where’s your goodwill this festive season? Surely a TB in the final would’ve been nice… haha

  7. DarthVader707 says:

    First of all, my sincere congratulations go out to Alex. I would also like to say thank you to everyone wished me luck during the course of the tournament. It was amazing to feel the good will everyone extended. I’m happy to be a part of the family. Happy New Year to all.

  8. TheEagles says:

    Congrats Alex! And the same to James.
    Happy New Year to all.

  9. Boogy says:

    One of Christmas wishes just came true!
    James and I battled it out in great spirit. Chat was great and humurous. James asked me if I had a j or z and if I could let him win game 2 to instigate tb. Lol
    Firstly I wish to congratulate James on reaching the final winning 8 matches in a row! I also commend his honest play and humor.
    I also like to than my previous opponents as they made the journey so enjoyable.
    But a special thank you to miss boogyweed for being so patient and understanding of my wwf addiction lol.
    Sorry bout my lack of commentary during final but I am in melb spending time with my family whom I rarely see and thought it would be rude to spend so much time on my phone apart from word plays.

    Special thanks to deb and don for their hard work and all my friendly support.

    Hope you’ve all had a great Chrissy and have a healthy and prosperous 2012.

    Cheers All!
    Happy days!

  10. SameDude says:

    Great to see two veterans of the site meet in the finals. James and Alex have been two of my favorites for a long time. Good skill boys!