Sign up for August Monthly Tournament

Written by Debbyoc

Please make sure you sign up for the August Monthly Tournament prior to August 1! Cut off is Midnight July 31rst Pacific Time. Hope to see you all there!

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7 Responses to “Sign up for August Monthly Tournament”

  1. Tipuism says:

    Hi so how do we report the scores?

  2. Debbyoc says:

    You need to log in to “My Tourney” and click on “Play” for the Monthly Tournament in order to be assigned an opponent. It is not automatic like the Daily Challenge.

  3. Kkorshak says:

    I clicked play & was confirmed for the August tournament but was never sent an opponent.

  4. glyn55 says:

    Am I in the August tourney or not? I am unsure. If so, what happens next? If not, what is the procedure for entering the next one? Thanks.

    • Debbyoc says:

      Yes, you are signed up for the August Monthly. Just go to “My Tourney” and click on “Play” for the Monthly. You will then be assigned an opponent. If you win, then each Round you will need to go in and click play to get an opponent unlike the Daily Challenge where the system automatically assigns you an opponent.