Post or You’re Toast

Written by Debbyoc

I just wanted to post Rule 2 here to remind all the Monthly players how important it is to post your scores before the Round ends tonight!

POST OR YOU’RE TOAST – If neither player is reported as the winner by the posted deadline, then both players are instantly eliminated. There is no excuse for failing to report a winner on time. Even if the games remain incomplete, one player must log in and post a winner in order to prevent automatic double elimination. Obviously, it is best if both players agree, in advance, as to the criteria (e.g., highest scorer, current leader, faster player) for determining which player should advance in the incomplete round.

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5 Responses to “Post or You’re Toast”

  1. Marty says:

    It is tantalizing waiting to see who will post the result of the premature rematch of HogPower and BShaw94. Mr random can be cruel.

  2. Debby says:

    Take screen shots of the time delays and if your games don’t finish, send us the screenshots.

  3. LisaLuvsDogs says:

    The timing on the end of these tourneys is troubling. I am playing someone obviously trying to run out the clock on me, and I can’t stay up until the middle of the night to protect my game. When can we post?

    I wish the ending time of these tourneys wasn’t in the middle of the night for those of us in the States. Ugh.

    • Scooteristi says:

      Post just before you’re ready to go to sleep. And take a screen shot.

      • LisaLuvsDogs says:

        thanks. He has made 1 play in 11 hours today. I have screen shots of the 7 hours from this morning and the 4 hours from this afternoon/evening. I have sent several IM’s asking him to play and he isn’t replying. I have screenshots of those as well. This bites.