To Catch A Cheat

Written by Don

The daily challenge now has an honesty rating system under MyTourney. This is a tool that we can now use in disputes analysis. The average honesty rating is one dimension we will be taking into account when deciding whether or not a player has used external assistance. The ratings are viewable only to administrators and the rater.

This is a good time to state that the only appropriate avenues for accusing a fellow player of dishonest play are:

  • Honesty rating system
  • Directly contacting the site administrators

Accusations in chat are not appropriate because everyone is entitled to initial presumption of innocence. Accusations via the public commenting system are also not appropriate because the comments are visible immediately without giving the accused the chance to present their case.

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261 Responses to “To Catch A Cheat”

  1. Jason says:

    I am totally done with this game, I used to enjoy it until now I am consistantly matched up with cheaters. I know they are cheating because never when they are winning but only when they are behind do they magically pull 7 letter words out of thin air. I could understand if it was consistant with their gameplay;however, when they playing small, common words through the whole game then magically a word like iodides appeara.

  2. Qoph Dave says:

    I’m really surprised no one has written an App to determine (or at least give % chance) that opponent us cheating. Got to be a way to determine it… Figure what top 10 possible plays are… How often is player hitting best possible play? More than X% of the time and the odds opponent is using an app should rise… Plus if opponent has suddenly increased his average score Dramatically — way more than average — should be a way to tell. None foolproof obviously, but some % indicator should be possible.

    If such an App were $1.98 or whatever, I’d sure be a buyer!

  3. Henessey says:

    Is there any program than can be ran against your opponent to find out if they have used the cheat app? Or maybe I can submit game to administrator. No need to cheat I say , you can not win them all.

  4. peont says:

    I kept beating a friend by hundreds and he stopped playing for about a week or so. Not in an insulting way, but he doesn’t have the best grammer nor is he the best speller. He challenged me after a week or so, and has an incredible vocabulary as well as the ability to strategically place words for his next move, not at all the player he once was. When I asked him, he said he just needed to clear his head. I am trying to look at it as a compliment that he may be needing help to compete, but non the less the thought is making me not want to play him again. So I’m choosing to believe him.

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