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To Catch A Cheat

Written by Don

The daily challenge now has an honesty rating system under MyTourney. This is a tool that we can now use in disputes analysis. The average honesty rating is one dimension we will be taking into account when deciding whether or not a player has used external assistance. The ratings are viewable only to administrators and the rater.

This is a good time to state that the only appropriate avenues for accusing a fellow player of dishonest play are:

  • Honesty rating system
  • Directly contacting the site administrators

Accusations in chat are not appropriate because everyone is entitled to initial presumption of innocence. Accusations via the public commenting system are also not appropriate because the comments are visible immediately without giving the accused the chance to present their case.

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256 Responses to “To Catch A Cheat”

  1. john walker says:

    Scoring is not about putting great words. Its about placement of the word on the board. I’ve beaten many players using very ordinary short words that were placed in positions that maximize points.

  2. Gem says:

    It’s stinks when you play fair & get accused by playing quiz, putz, aioli (12pts on a double?!). …wish the match ups were better.

  3. AbStrateGyk says:

    Kimai V. challenged me and after 9 turns (52 letters left) she quit. She was probably intimidated when I used words like INVITEE, PAEAN, WEAKEN, YUTZ and the killer bingo VELOCITY. She left the board with 186-68 score.

    I just wish there is a rating system in WWF like chess. If you resign (automatic loss), it will affect your rating. There ought to be a system that shows your win-loss ratio and your average margin of victory to know exactly the skill level of your opponent.

    As for some obscure words that have been posted here, WWF program will reject them. I tried them and they are just not possible. I don’t know what kind of program those guys are using to force WWF to accept their inconceivable words.

    The WWF dictionary ENABLE is available to both players. Both players can do trial and error with their letters on the board any number of times until they come up with a word accepted by WWF and play it. It’s a legal part of the game. Tools are available for both players, it’s just a matter of using them or not. If one chooses not to, that’s his prerogative and should not complain if the opponent chooses to use tools. It has less to do with playing the highest scoring word per move but more so with the strategic placement of words to outplay your opponent. With good strategy (and luck in drawing tiles) one can still beat a player using “cheat” tools.

    • Sigrid says:

      I played with a “solo” or myself, I am not sure how it works on Words with Friends. It was the first time. The words that the opposite site used are totally ridiculous, they are not even in a foreign language and it is accepted by the system. With this nonsense the opposite site won by 100 points whereas I used words that are normally accepted according to dictionary.

      Can someone explain what this is? Thank you!

  4. Alana says:

    Just look at their posts on FB, Twitter, or whatever. If their spelling, punctuation and grammar is poor, but they rack up points like a Jeopardy/Scripps champion, the likelihood of cheating is closer to 100%.

  5. liz says:

    Is there some kind of cheat that can manipulate your opponent’s letter rack? I played several games with an opponent where almost every rack I got was entirely vowels or entirely consonants. I played several games with the same person and the same thing happened every time. (And I’m not just being a sore loser!) Needless to say I lost by several hundred points every time. (Most of my games I lose by less than thirty, if at all.)

    I’ve searched the internet and not found anything about a cheat that does that, but I just don’t think it can be a coincidence. I can that happening in one game, but not four games in a row with the same person.

    Right now I’m engaged in a game with another player and the same thing is happening.

    Anyone know anything about a program or app that can do that?

    • AliB says:

      I wonder too. Because my “friend” has all the best letters and I have crap for letters. This has been going on for two years. How can she have consistent good luck for so long. I don’t think it’s “luck”, I think it’s CHEATing.

    • liz says:

      Playing another game with this same person and several rounds into the game I, once again, am getting rack after rack of nothing but vowels. I would love for someone else to start a game with this person and see if the same thing happens to them.

    • Mark Sartor says:

      I just got a new iPhone and was playing “Words with friends” with a friend of mine who has a PhD. At one point she came up with the word “heezed”… I asked her if she was using a computer or book to help her find these weird words and she said she was using ‘scrabble builder’. I said you have a PhD you should be able to play pretty well without cheating. Her response was it’s 2015 not 1915. I told her I won’t play with her cheating. SO apparently she won’t play with me any more! LOL …. WOW!

    • Pamela Sinco says:

      I am having the same problem. In almost every game for the first 6 or 7 turns, I get all consonants or vowels. Sometimes I will get all the “e” in one turn. This makes it very hard to score. It is not specific to anyone player. How do I remedy this?

      • John says:

        This is more than likely do to chance. The only way an opponent could affect the selection of your letters is by hacking into the WWF program and controlling the distribution of letters . Sounds far-fetched , right. Why would a serious hacker develop a program to do that when there is zero economic gain. Also, for this to happen WWF would have to have lax controls to prevent this type of hacking. Once again why would someone waste time and energy for zero economic gain when there are more lucrative targets available.

        Bad letters happen by chance. Two ways to minimize this: swap letters or try to use as many bad letters as possible , say five, in one turn. Also, one should strive for a four consonant to three vowel letter concentration and also try to retain some good letters for one’s next turn.

        What you can’t prevent is someone using a WWF cheat source to form words . The only way to suspect someone is doing this is when your opponent consistently uses obscure words , particularly when he or she is behind. Just remember WWF gives everyone the ability to experiment with words so obscure words can happen via repeated tries.

  6. CaughtABlatentCheater says:


    Played “eihvptadelt” and “dneeduhmob” and told me to quit cause I was out of his league and then resigned the game. I checked the WWF dictionary even though I knew good and well those were fake words, and sure enough I was 100% correct.

    If Bjronm_24565 tries to play you, resign. Don’t give him the satisfaction of cheating the system with blatantly fake words.

  7. nreynolds says:

    Jbucks91 openly cheating. Watched his score go up by a nice round 1000 in 10 seconds. V groove does the same till he reaches an implausible 80,000. This isn’t just online word tool cheating. These people are real spoil sports who should be outed.

    • mmckenzie says:

      Started playing a game and after the first few words he started getting bigger points. Every word was high scoring and I had zip. he was 400 points ahead of me. spoke with my friend that I play wwf and she told me about a person she new that used a site to check the words and he was scoring high points also. She is 2nd place on the leaderboard and I am 3rd with the one I am playing against is way way up there I resigned because it is not even fun to play with someone that cheats. I will never play another game with him and I let him know that I knew he that he was cheating

      • Moosieschewtoy says:

        I agree! These days it’s hard to find peeps who don’t so if it truly blatant – I just don’t rematch them.

    • Andreahet says:

      I don’t get it. I am lucky when I get a 30-45 point word- a total rarity. My average word points are 15-19

  8. Younggramof6 says:

    I too have wondered how someone can get to the top of the leaderboard with such a high score so quickly!! I thought maybe they play all day, but, I doubt it!! maggietierney57, 1slowloser, celticcrippler72, youcant beatrob, to name a few, however, I have seen maggietierney57 be way behind on a Monday morning, only to grab my Ipad at lunch time and see she is above me by thousands of points! How can that happen so quickly when the average points on a board is usually in the 20′s or 30′s? Doesn’t seem fair to me, unless they are extremely good, but, I’ve played all those people and beat most of them!! I play without any type of cheat, but have been playing scrabble since I can remember, won spelling bees in grammar school and am a very good player, my own hubby won’t play me, cause I always beat him. Anyway, they have to be cheating and I would love to get them off my leaderboard, does anyone know how I can do that?

    • Paulette A says:

      I agree with you. Kdub kyle is 15,,000 points ahead early monday morning. He resigned after i confronted him. By the end of the week he will be 200,000 points ahead of the cloest opponent!

  9. Cheaters sometimes Win. says:

    In the few weeks I’ve been playing, I’ve come across several players who have averaged words sometimes as high as a thousand points per ‘play’ using words not listed in the WWF dictionary. I’m here to put theese guys on blasts. In hopes no one else falls victim to their dumbness. (1) Vgrmoore(2) Bruha2012$! (3) Kaw5959 (4) Brownsigar~1961 (5) rabigini (6) Aloha Girl and (7) Play or Resign, You’ve been busted! These cheaters are climbing to the top of the letter board off the backs of honesty in others. Let these folks know we’re not playing their game!

    • Susan says:

      adamczimmerman is another one who does this. His words were DRAFTstigvak and SPARKterfung. Ridiculous, so I just resigned.

      Do not play adamczimmerman.

    • john white says:

      have “ziprefix” cheater tied up in 6 games. I don’t play a word, which prevents him from resigning. he cannot score points, thus he is stuck like chuck! notice his score this week is very low. So sign up with your favorate cheater for about 5 games at once and they won’t be score anymore!

      • Moosieschewtoy says:

        Ohhhh this has me cracking up! NOW THATS SMART JOHN!!! 3 of my opponents are going to get a BIG surprise!!


      • Lisa says:

        This is very clever. People cheating has ruined the Words with Friends experience for me. I started playing about 4 months ago and was thinking about uninstalling app from my pc. This is definitely an acceptable alternative to being run off a game by a bunch of intellectually challenged cheaters!

        • Joe renzo says:

          If you don’t make a move for 2 weeka, the program will time you out, which counts as a loss to you and a win for them. So John White’s trick is pointless.

  10. NJ@zynga says:

    I played with person called Danikiss, he got 7 Bingos in a single game and the game was over in 8 moves!!! is this not cheating??? I have used the tools myself but only so I can place the highest scoring letters on DL and TL and to find words for J X Z Q. If i use these tools and I win I dont find it satisfactory

  11. DReal says:

    If this hasn’t been mentioned above; there is a way to go into the WWF dictionary on your phone, and change the spelling of words so that you can use any word you want and it will except it.

  12. Jcarr says:

    I have recently been accused of cheating and have had people drop out after only a few plays. I thought they were just sore losers but after reading all these comments, I bet they thought I was cheating. I have never used a cheat app to play other people. I do have one cheat app that my 8 yr old uses to play against me so it’s fun for both of us and he doesn’t get killed. I guess there are multiple apps but the one my son uses is not perfect. It doesn’t always pick the highest scoring word or does things like waste an S unnecessarily or sets up the other play for a TW.
    What I have not heard anyone mention is that sometimes you get lucky and get really good letters and sometimes you get stuck with crap. I rarely swap tiles and just play with what I have so I might play ‘it’ in one hand then all seven letters if I’m lucky enough to get them.
    That said, I don’t think you should ever accuse someone of cheating, unless of coarse it’s not an actual word.
    If you find it hard to beleave someone can beat you w/out cheats, ask them out right and take their word for it or only play with people you know.
    Personally, I like to play random people to improve my game.
    As someone who knowingly plays against a cheat app (via my 8 yr old), it is possible to beat them with the right luck in letters. Bring on the cheaters! At least they play fast.

    • Conniemae77 says:

      JCarr, You have to play an actual word.. WWF will not accept words that are not real. And “beleave” isn’t spelled that way

      • KatonahJoe says:

        And neither is the word “coarse” used properly – it’s “of course” – “coarse” means “rough”. Uv coarse yew beleave mee, wright? lol

      • Damon says:

        Yes it does play words that are t words! This dude just played daweit. & adef on me. Those words don’t come up in many dictionary nor do they come up in WWF word checker! How did these fake words work?

    • yannifangz says:

      ‘of course’ not ‘of coarse’

    • 123lucky456 says:

      Need a smart match, someone using a the cheat apps is fine. This is more on strategy game anyway.
      Find me.

  13. PJ Ashton says:

    Just played a game against the most blatantly ridiculous cheat ever. It was so bad I actually ended up finding it amusing rather than a source of frustration. He/she played “KueDrAVOWoMATED’ (capitals indicate letters previously on the board) across the entire length of the board. Not kidding. There’s obviously an out-and-out hack out there somewhere, which as mentioned, is just plain ridiculous.

    On a different note, I’ve read some people saying they find quick replies to be an indication of cheating. Well I can only speak for myself but I reply as quickly as possible, as often as possible – surely that makes me a good person to play rather than a suspect player?! I lose interest in games that go on for days; waiting, waiting, waiting for a reply, it’s tedious and somewhat impolite IMO – why start a game if you only have the time to make 1 move every 6 hours?!

    Feel free to search me out for a game – PJ Ashton (male, 31, North-West England)

  14. Patrizia says:

    I’m more than happy to play with a beginner or an expert nor do I could care if they use an on
    line cheating app or use their own dictionary! To me it’s all about playing with some one that enjoys the game even if they are 100 years old and just want someone to play with and might need some word assistance from time to time. If I was playing for money that might be a different story so if your think someone is cheating on WWF’s just resign and move on…

    • franky9 says:

      I’ve played a cheater who had four bingos in 5 moves, some of which were very obscure. He admitted during the game that he was using an app but I carried on playing because I was in contentio; in fact he only passed me on his final word to win – both scores well over 400.
      in a later game I made three bingos with my first three words – unbelievable, almost embarrasing ! I assured my opponent that no cheating was involved and probably helped by the fact that the words were common he believed me, he actually has a win/loss ratio to me of 2:1.
      So amazing things can happen without cheating.
      Since then also had couple bingos in first five moves a couple of times.

  15. suchislife says:

    There is a confirmed hack for iphone users that have jailbroken/rooted their phones since 2010 for many games – WWF is def one of them. It allows them to play any combo of words to score high points regardless if it is a real word or not. I predominately play vs my husband and my real life friend that I know doesn’t cheat and we often commiserate together about how many that do. I also play vs a handful of people I don’t know but that I am pretty sure are not cheaters. If they are, they are at least not obvious about it. I win some/lose some but there’s no clear overlapping, illegal words, etc. I was an English major so I am a bit familiar with etymology and the ever evolving English language so I am aware of certain peculiarities of scrabble and wwf words. I am aware of transparent apps that allow one to cheat and of other methods simply because I did the research – it’s all about knowing thy enemy. As soon as I get an inkling someone is cheating I simply let the game play out and then never play that person again. Oftentimes it takes about 2 or 3 games to confirm my suspicions. I don’t bother typing anything in anger or such because many do it for the actual kick they get in an angry response so I don’t feed the trolls. It keeps me sane and it doesn’t encourage a rematch attempt. Sadly people will cheat even in a game – such is life. The key is to cull and find those of like-minded honesty to play against. That being said, I did pick up a few words while watching the celebrity WWF match (I picked Edward Norton and was happy he won) Thanks to Snoop Lion for SUQ ;)

  16. L.M.O. says:

    There seems to be a lot of back and forth on here about what is cheating and what is not. For goodness sake, rules are not set in stone, they are what is agreed upon. They also depend on what the purpose of your game is. For example, some play more for relational reasons, or for the maximum accomplishment/fun for all, while some play for the intellectual challenge, or to conquer or show off as their primary purpose. Did you ever consider that a ‘cheat’ program might be used to avoid blocking a triple word spot for the good of all the players, for example?

    I personally also feel that the heart of the matter is more important than the technicalities. When I play with my DD friend I’d feel it was inappropriate to spend an extensive amount of time working out a high-scoring move even if it was just from my own head since all that would accomplish is to make him feel stupid and not want to play any more. Meanwhile, in my game with my sister I use certain resources like the 2-letter word list because that was always part of our house rules. I’d personally like to play a game just once with one of the ‘cheat’ programs just because I’m curious if they can really come up with better words than my friends or I, but I wouldn’t do it without the permission of all.

  17. Webmaster says:

    so has anyone figured out how some people are getting “illegal” words in the game?

  18. Dennis says:

    I there anyway to block someone?

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes you can now report corrupt games and block people. Mojang told me you just need to go to their website and it should be explained from there.
      Good luck :)

  19. Angela says:

    Is there an app in which you get more points than you should? Because there’s this person I’m playing against, whose getting about 20 something points for playing a word that’s about 5 letters, no ‘valuable’ letters at all. :x

  20. Rebecca says:

    For all you stupid people who not only need the cheat apps but also think it is perfectly acceptable, I suggest you buy yourself a dictionary and look up the word ‘CHEAT’. These apps are called ‘cheat’ aps for a reason. That’s right Einstein, because it is in fact cheating!! My game has gotten better by remembering some of the words that have been played by my opponents, not because I have to rely on a computer to do the work for me. You can’t possibly get any satisfaction from cheating, apart from of course letting people THINK you can construct words yourself when really you can’t. And sorry to burst your bubble but we already know you cheat! Am off now to play some genuine people who have at least half a brain….and the intelligence to use it :)

    • Mike says:

      What’s your WWF name? Let’s play!!

    • chris says:

      I agree. I just got cussed at, told I have limited intellect and accused of cheating during a game. The random player cited my use of “riata” “reglued” and “imid”. Admittedly I do not know what imid means….. But on occassion I put letters down and just try them…or use words I’ve seen others use. To me the game is as much strategy as vocabulary. I was really incensed. Riata and reglued? Really? REALLY! Random became unglued at reglued? REALLY??

    • Ellis says:

      Since no one is in your league of intellect, let’s play! Please show me how great and intellectual you are. Since we are all stupid, I will ‘play’ the stupid role and even let you know what tiles I have every move. I’d STILL whoop your butt! C’mon, give us the name!!!

  21. Marvin says:

    This is a very interesting thread indeed. For the most part we all play against people we “know”. With that said you are able to analyze a persons vocabulary etc on a daily basis over the course of many years. Then you start playing this game and all of a sudden all of our friends are borderline geniuses and I am supposed to believe you knew that word your whole life? I lose this game most of the time which is okay. However it is painfully obvious that there is outside assistance involved. Just admit it. We all already know.

  22. pawpad42 says:

    I am NOT illiterate because I suspect someone of cheating. I don’t learn new words by letting a program fill in the blank. I think, research and develop a strategy.If you must cheat to defeat me, then you have proven to yourself that you are, indeed, inferior. Being defeated by skill and strategy has never irked me as much as someone pretending to be intelligent gloating because a program (not them!) beat me. If you need to cheat to win, play something at your level…like checkers!

    • loydsdaughter says:

      I agree…I sometimes manipulate my “chance” letters just to see if something is indeed a word and it goes through. (much to my surprise) When it does, I look the word up. Isn’t that part of the whole point in playing? (to increase the vocabulary) The letters dealt to us are completely by chance. (though sometimes I’ve wondered:)) What we DO with those letters require a bit of skill. So, that being said, let’s use our “chance” letters to “skillfully play” and see how much we can learn…and LET’S DO IT ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, PEOPLE. No cheating, please. Thank you.

  23. dcdani says:

    I just played with someone who put JAKZSTUYSYEBINN as his word (he added letters to join 2 different words) and he got 1265 points… I googled it and there is no such word. how is this possible??

    • KMA says:

      I’m having the same problem! One person I play comes up with outrageous fake words too! Today he put the word “RAINQYER” in and got 125 points for that fake word! How is this happening? He gets mad when I beat him and then he pulls the fake word card. What is going on?!

      • Tread says:

        I keep the Meriam- Webster app at the ready. I look up words that opponents play that often are not in that dictionary. That is an indication of cheating…although the word base accepted by WWF allows remote words that are not among those found in the MW dictionary. So, it is possible to play letters that are accepted and the player didn’t expect it as the word was unknown to them. Indeed it takes a series of games with a given opponent to ” confirm” that they are cheating. I resign from those players. Sadly, family members who feel compelled to cheat are another story.

    • Jen says:

      That isn’t even a word in ANY language!!! Is it that serious that people feel they have to hack and cheat such a simple game? It doesn’t take long to figure out that you have a set number of letters. Play them well, place them well…use strategy and fair tactics… that’s what makes this game fun. There really is no real need to cheat! My gosh it’s just a game.

  24. Annie says:

    I’m tired of cheaters so I’ll just play with friends. What’s the point in playing if you aren’t going to play to the best of your own abilities? People like that are screwy.

    “I cheat in online scrabble.”

    Add that to your list of life accomplishments, lol.

  25. Rob says:

    Cheating. Sometimes its not what you think.

    When I play, if I see a lot of favourable letters in my rack, even if a Bingo word doesn’t jump out at me, I’ll play around with them and re-arrange them until I get one. Or pretty close. Like a dog with a bone. Often I can’t place it, or I have to cut a letter short.

    Sometimes if I think of a word that I only have half the letters for, and I can play the letters I don’t need for reasonable scores, I’ll do so until I end up with the letters I want or failing that a rack of favourable letters and I’ll do what I said above.

    Also, the second I play any word, I work on my next move using a pen and paper and write down all the little words I can think of, or partial words, so I’m ready to go as soon as I see what my opponent plays.

    That also helps me guess what my opponent may play and where, so I’ll have a number of options ready to go as soon as they take their turn. Then I’ll move onto a different game and do the same.

    This can result in me playing sometimes a couple of bingo words a turn…AND…playing them very quickly…but I often delay taking my turn because people throw the cheat accusation.

    The vast majority of my words though, are small and tactically placed, with the aim of either blocking or making it harder for my opponent to score high.

    Now my Vocab is pretty poor, but if someone with a better one did the same as me, they would by most peoples accounts on here, be accused of cheating when they are just being thorough.


  26. Joe says:

    I can deal with people using word anagram sites because using them still requires strategy. However, if you use a “cheat box” to play the game for you and just enter all the words and letters, you’re just pathetic. Why bother playing???

  27. GLE says:

    You people who complain about online tools not being part of the game are living in the past. Read the rules – online tools are not prohibited. Good grief, the game itself will SELL you words to use in your game! How can it be “cheating” when the game includes makes that part of the game? If you don’t want to use tools, then don’t, but don’t go around calling people names just because you want to play like it’s 1950.

    People don’t use word helpers just to get high scores. Some people actually enjoy playing strategically. And when the words are all bunched up on the board because my opponent can’t think of anything longer than cat or if, then I look for words that will stretch across the board – not to get points, but to keep the game interesting. Other times I won’t always use the highest scoring word, because I want to block or use triple scoring spaces. I try to get the best word without giving my opponent a letter than will give them the opportunity to garner a lot of points.

    Also, people have accused me of cheating when I didn’t even cheat – just because they have a smaller vocabulary. Someone included the word “jowl” as a cheat word. Good grief, I knew that word in elementary school!

    There’s more to this game than just spelling long words from memory. If that’s all you want to do, join a spelling bee.

    • JerryC says:

      I used to think those cheat apps were cheating – but as time went by, I realized that those apps are tools. To play the game effectively, you have to know how to use strategy. You have to be able to look at the tiles played and see the places where words will fit between tiles.

      The game is more challenging, I think, and keeps the tension built up for excitement.

    • SEF says:

      I completely agree!!! Tools teach players words they otherwise would generally not learn. I learn a new word, I look up the meaning. WOW! I just increase my knowledge. Playing your skill level would get boring! Like playing in a box.

      • brizzo says:

        no, you’re a cheater. if it doesn’t come from your brain and you use outside help, you are by definition CHEATING! And yes, even that “vision” bullshit you can buy from the app is cheating too. don’t blame zynga for trying to make an extra buck, use common sense. if you get any help during your game, it’s cheating. it’s bad enough that you can guess endless words without penalty, but at least it’s your own guesses. if you want to increase your vocabulary, play scramble with friends. the approved word database is identical, so learn new words there to use in WWF.

        • 4MUL8er says:

          Did you seriously just say that if the word didnt come from your brain and you use outside help, your cheating? How does any word get into your brain in the first place? by learning it from an OUTSIDE SOURCE!!!

          • Tread says:

            However, in defense of brizzo, the learning of words ought not to be at the time you are in competition with another person with the idea that you’re bringing to the game the arsenal of yours you already know. The game, in its purest form ought to be between two people and their brains…not a computer program and an unsuspecting sucker. That is the essence of the cheat factor as I see it.

    • Kodi says:

      I think a lot depends on how we use “cheat” sites. I will absolutely use them to open a board, and I will tell my opponents I did just that. The points are typically lousy, but I will sacrifice or the good of the board. I will also typically look up options to add on to a word — for instance, “core” can be changed to “score”. I usually don’t have the necessary letter, but I keep it in mind as the game progresses. And sometimes I even share that info if it is key to openng the board.

      I’m not a huge fan of letting a help site just give you every option and then picking the one with the most points. I DO like to use them to learn new words. Ften if I have a good hand and feel I can make a good move, I’ll fiddle til I figure out what I’m going to do. After playing, I’ll poke things into a website to see what other options there were, if I got the best word possible, and if there’s a new word worth learning.

      • derek tisbury says:

        Cheat apps are only vaguely acceptable if both opponents are using identical apps. Otherwise one player has a technical advantage not through his own efforts.

  28. unknown1 says:


    only played once didnt finish the game because of suspicious gameplay. they were more involved in obscure + wordlength over the common strategy.

    thats been my rule of thumb as of late, just to opt-out and not force myself the hassle and move onto another game.

  29. KDM says:

    Don’t play Mightymouse81 plays full set of letters 50% of time and all obscure words. When challenged in chat window they couldn’t even spell and said I was annoyed because I wasn’t winning. Just don’t see the point.

  30. Yoda in Canada says:

    I just saw an announcement on a different site that the highest score on a single play in WWF was some 1600+ points!

    There is a feature in the WWF app that shows the total points scored thus week, last week, and since you started playing. Also you can see the average points per word scored by yourself and your current set of opponents. There is also a button that allows one to see the same average points per word for The World.

    Can you believe that the #1 person has an AVERAGE of 1690 points per word played? Which is MORE than the recently-announced highest scoring word!

    No neither can I! So there must be hacking cheaters in the WWF “community”!

  31. Mr says:

    Words With Friends is different from Scrabble if you want to play Scrabble Scrabble has an online app.. in Scrabble the board game you can play a word but if its challenged by another person then you lose a lot of points that’s not the way that it works on words with friends you can try any different combination of letters and if it doesn’t fit Words With Friends tells you it doesn’t fit in other words it will not accept the word as a play that’s why the other players can come up with all these words you’ve never heard before if you want to play Scrabble play Scrabble if you want to play words with friends play words with friends good God!

    • wordresearcher says:

      Agreed! Although WWF does accept some words that aren’t legal in the scrabble dictionary, it is helping build a vocab of 2-letter and q without u words for next time I play scrabble with family–because my family plays ruthless scrabble and will challenge. I look up words that are surprises and have always found a definition, even if archaic.WWF is about strategy–blocking your opponent from the tw if you can’t get it yourself. But both also have a luck of the draw element. I have run across players who whooped me (mostly my own sister) but would only care if they had hacked the game to make fake words work.

  32. Craig Simmons says:

    Somebody just played quueerid against me. Really? It was the first word they played. I cant even find a definition for it.

  33. pie says:

    i’ve been playing against “am a deaftist LMAO” who has come up with


    those are all of his plays so far. sure – maybe he’s using online tools to cheat, or he’s programmed it himself. Maybe I’m playing against a robot.

    At first I was angry – but then I thought: THIS IS JUST A GAME!

    I play the game to challenge myself. Sure, I enjoy winning, and scoring big points – but the game is to enjoy YOURSELF, not to stress over. Maybe I’m playing against Stephen freakin’ Hawking. Who cares? I’m getting killed for the first time ever, and I could be mad. But I’d rather not.

    • John says:

      That isn’t exactly an obscure word list ;)

      • jeanine says:

        OMG. I was thinking the same thing myself. Really… the poor guy is being accused of being a robot,when they words are words that are used frequently in dealy with the J’s and Q’s of the game. I am against a person, a friend no less, now that’s a hard one to just quit, who IS using a word unscrambler. I do not use anything, because even with her cheating I am usually 75 pts. ahead of her. Here is a list of her words>>> STOMATE, ELUANTS, VARUS, PAGOD.ETHION, Give me a break. I know her vocab is not that extensive. She also quits before the game is over. wtf. If I’m ahead, she quits and starts a new game. Needless to say, I am going to tell a small fib and say my ipad busted and will NOT play against her again. I just have to kick her butt these two last games, and then it’s GAME OVER.

        • grandslamz says:

          wwf is not just a vocabulary game it’s also a game where you experiment with letter sequences in the hope that a hitherto unknown acceptable word is discovered.

        • Sarah B. says:

          Both these sets of words are common enough for this kind of game, plus anyone with a good Latin background and/or knowledge of word structure could know them.

          • William says:

            I’m not buying that second set of words. After all folk’s, This is ‘murika. Land of the free…LOL Home of the ignorant. Idiocrocy is no longer a theory it’s a fact.

    • redram38 says:

      That list of words is nothing strange nor should they be considered cheating. I know all these words and have played them many times.

    • Belinda151 says:

      Yes, those are very easy words! I’m surprised u win EVER if u don’t know those words!

    • Jonathan says:

      They are fine I’ve seen most of them. This game if you bother should teach you just by playing. I’ve learnt loads of cool words Adze which is an axe is a perfect example I would never have learnt it but for playing then reading the dictionary. Adz is single and adze is plural ? I would never have known and when I started I would not have thought that Zax would be a fav word. When I first played QI drove me nuts but I got used to it. And as far as anagram apps ? All the better when you win.

  34. Alexa Bourne says:

    I find most cheaters do not play every turn using the cheat. I assume that if they did, the game would offer no satisfaction or entertainment what-so-ever. So the way I tend to catch cheaters is that the disparity between their non-cheat words and cheat words is too great to occur by chance. A recent game with cheater Lahaina69 had my opponent using non-cheat words of the level…toe, data, booked, ox, quiz. Then there are a bunch of words I have never heard of…ceil, dures. I could not even look these words up as the definitions were archaic and required a dictionary subscription. My own words ran a less broad spectrum, but did run the full width of the spectrum I employed, as opposed to the either end of the spectrum that the cheaters tend to use. A sample of my words…helmed, fanes, remoras, rasp, mage.

  35. words says:

    First three words from my opponent and so far they played one 7 letter word and two 8 letter words. How unprobable is this?

    1 – acreage
    2 – claw
    3 – climaxed
    4 – voila
    5 – smoothen

    This seems like a statistical anomaly, unless there is a hack to allow you to pick your own letters.

    • Youngconnolly says:

      I wonder was that me you played as I have used all those words and NOT cheated. I do sometimes spend ages arranging my letters on the board and trying words I think could be a word and sometimes it works but all of the words you listed are words I already know and have used!

  36. Susan says:

    I’m playing someone who, in one game, has come up with: mozos, khaf,, ptui, murrahs, cusso, regma, 1 bingo and the game isn’t over. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve played this individual and the previous games have been the same. I suspect an ‘app’ is being used, I only wish they would have said it up front. It’s frustrating.

  37. El Loco says:

    Best way to catch a cheater is to cheat yourself… In other words… feed the board to the cheat sites or the wwf cheat app after they play… If their word is constantly the highest maximum points word ,or close cause some are slick and try to just use common words that yeild the most points…. then you have a cheater… awkward method but still the most efficient way to catch a cheater…

  38. Liz says:

    What’s unbelievable with cheaters on WWF is that they’re SO GREEDY! I can understand scoring one 8-letter word in a game but 2 or more of these words CONSECUTIVELY?! Really?! You don’t think it’s pretty obvious to me that you’re cheating?! I usually have no problem resigning against someone who I suspect is cheating (and I WILL let them know that it’s obvious!) You have to wonder how these people are scoring average word points of over 100 points. I want to know what amazing words these intellectuals out there know that we underlings aren’t aware of! I win most of my games and I’m only averaging 31 points per word! What am I missing here?! Please someone give me some reasonable answers!

  39. miss curl says:

    I dont care where my opponent gets their words from; helper apps or online dictionaries. You are trying too much to control another person when you demand that a person only know the words they are using. Learning these new words is awesome, and I jot some down to further lookup. I do not care for texting in this app, because I’m only here to play, not to text and play. Thats my preference, and I dont answer texts for that reason only. There are tons of good people out there that have lots of word knowledge, and lots that do not, so dont be so controlling, and just have fun. Yes, bow out if you get a “sense” of what’s happening, but if you want to see how a “sense” of something can be terribly wrong, watch the ending scenes of the movie, “American Beauty”, and thats where you will see a raw truth, that what you perceive is not always the truth. I LOVE THIS GAME, SO PLAY ME !!!

  40. gamerz says:

    I so agree with Jaydog. Words with Friends is an online game, meant to be used with online tools. There are no rules against that. As such, it teaches you new volcabulary while focusing on strategy. Face to face board games like Scrabble disallow the use of outside tools, except in challenges. They test your existing volcabulary with less focus on strategy because they are played in real time. Different media, different games.

    • robert says:

      It’s not meant to be used with “online tools” It’s meant to challenge your actual brain. If you’re going to cheat, tell your opponent that you’re cheating so they can go play with someone else and not waste time with you. Why not have both people cheat and have the computers play each other.

      • tammysNlove says:

        iReally do think that is the best answer here. If you’re going to cheat, or use any “assistance aids, whatsoever” then either confess after each turn where that was the case or else declare/admit it up front at the beginning of each game.

  41. Dani says:

    If you wanted to play against a computer you wouldn’t need a friend to play against right? It is infuriating when you know your opponent can’t possibly know that word and continues playing that way. I encountered one of these individuals, asked if she was just lucky and after receiving no response bowed out of the game. I’d rather play for fun and challenge not against someone I know is cheating.

    • Linda says:

      I have found better scores when I locate a d-word or T-word spot and place my highest point letter on it. Then I move the vowels around and hit send and keep retrying the mix until something goes. Higher scores than whats in my head! I don’t think that is cheating since the game does not have a limit on “send”. Many of these accidental words make no sense to me but they play.

    • Czarina says:

      I have played online Scrabble for years. I have a 23 word average. I also am well read – and I am old. I just tried the “Just Words” game since I haven’t played for a while. I used the computer as my opponent. I am winning almost always on Medium and in Expert I win 50/50. As a long time player, I know all the high point Q, Z, etc words. Any player worth playing knows all the high scoring short words and knows strategy. So all of you who are accusing people of cheating, back off. An expert or seasoned player will beat a newbie every time. It is not how you make clever words that count, it is where you place the high number letters.

  42. Dani says:

    I had just started playing the game, one week in and it does take a little practice to learn the strategy. Not to sound like an egocentric ass or anything but I consider myself fairly intelligent, well read, masters level education. I started playing with someone how I know has a high school education at best. First three moves and she is using six and seven letter words (weaved throughout the board no less) that have to look up. I message her to ask if she’s just lucky or always smokes her apponents like this? No response. That’s when I discover there are cheat apps. What’s the point? My desire is for fun and intellectual stimulation. If I wanted to play against a computer I’d look somewhere else thank you.

  43. ShannonG says:

    The thing about Words with Friends is that you can play any combination of letters you want, hit PLAY and either score with some bizarre word where you just arbitrarily placed your tiles, or you simply get told it is not a valid word, and you try again. You can keep doing this until you hit on a word, without any penalty for trying to play letters that did not make a real word. I think that is the key to many people’s high scoring words that are esoteric in nature, and that the opponent has never heard of. I have never used a cheat app, but I have certainly scored plenty of times by just guessing at words. Also, as far as playing a word too quickly after the other player…. If you are like me, you shuffle your letters in between turns, or you just look at them and try to make words, so that when it is your turn, you are ready to play. I don’t think the time between moves is an indication of whether or not someone is using an app at all…. And, really, what is the point of even playing if you are using an app? Where is the skill and the fun in that? I will say that I have heard of one friend who uses an app and, because of that, I have never asked her to play. Again, what would be the point?

    • Marc says:

      reasonable points, although time between moves can definitely raise my suspicions. true, an opponent may be studying the board between turns and thus have a play ready to go, but there are frequently occasions where the dynamic of the board is changed because of my word, and then *boom* I’ve scarcely hit “play” when an obscure bingo is played off my word! or in a fast paced game where we’re going word for word, back and forth, thus negating the lag between moves. I mean c’mon, even the most skilled wordsmiths out there need a little time to puzzle out a word.

      it also kills me when you’re been playing an opponent for the better part of a game (or maybe you’re in a rematch) when suddenly his/her word IQ suddenly skyrockets, with JAWAN and QUEZAR drawing triple digit returns.

      when I strongly suspect an opponent of cheating I’ll engage the person in a little chat, which can be telling. :)

    • MinnieMouse says:

      Hi all. I play like Shannon. I’ve even srambled my lettersand hit play to check a word and accidently played. In real scrabble if you spell a word incorrectly and it is wrong you miss a turn. You also have to remember some people are experts playing beginners. They need to have levels. My secret is age wisdom and a little luck. I’m 54. Read a lot. Dont watch much TV. Play maybe 3 days a week of scrabble with my mom 78. Play 10 wwf players at a time. Ive played word games all my life (5 girls in family) I take a mental note of new words. I don’t use cheat apps.

      • wordresearcher says:

        I agree. My stats say i win 60% of games i’ve played, and make the highest scores against people who have no strategy because they just set me up with great letters and lots of room to play. But other times my average word score drops dramatically because of several rounds with nothing but i’s and u’s to play. Sorry, i play words that i have learned are accepted, not just words that i use everyday. i play through even if i am getting stomped because it is a fun challenge to try to block them from the dw and tw spots.

  44. Lion. says:

    Who doesn’t cheat. The whole world does, given the oppertunity. Those positive Idiots that claim they hate cheaters. Might be cheaters themselves. Don’t judge people with out solid evidence. I have made 6 Bingos in one game without taking the help of the app. So you’ll positive thinkers should believe I have been cheating F***k U

    • Ed says:

      You don’t deny cheating in your comment. I played you and there is no doubt that you don’t play fairly. Apparently there is no honour among lions nor Brits.

    • Marc says:

      wrong. the whole world does not cheat. what kind of pathetic world do you live in where you feel better about yourself beating a stranger in a word game, especially one in which nothing is ventured or gained?? people play for fun and challenge. no doubt scumbag cheaters are a dime a dozen, which is sad, but what does that get them? wow, you used a computer to beat an anonymous words player. congratulations! get a life.

    • Nicole says:

      Lion, it’s obvious that you have cheated your whole life because you don’t know how to spell (“oppertunity”), nor do you know how and where to use punctuation. So, you have only managed to cheat yourself because it is rather obvious that you don’t have too much going on in the head. Cheaters are folk who don’t have successful careers and lives because if they were winning in life, they would not be so desperate to win at a game for which there are no prizes.

    • Jonathan says:

      Not really. Cheating is cheating. And your poor spelling and grammar makes me think your six bingos was a fluke of the draw which is obvious I guess. Or your opponent was useless and didn’t block you off. It’s not easy to find the space for that many bingos. So right back at you with the f### off.

  45. Marc says:

    the flipside to cheaters – and IMO no less annoying – are those who falsely accuse you of cheating. if you’ve been playing long enough, you learn a lot of esoteric words (especially those wacky 2,3, and 4 letter jobs). coupled with good strategy and an advantageous setup, an experienced player can easily pull some solid returns and quickly compile points. I just played NABE for a solid but not earthshaking 32pts, and my opponent promptly resigned, accused me of cheating amid a fit of profanity. thing was, the match was still within 20pts with roughly 30 tiles to go.

    thing is, even when cheating is suspected, there are few way to legitimately prove it. repeated bingos – especially when they involve obscure terms – obviously raise red flags, as well as things like a player miraculously becoming much stronger mid-match (gotta love that one :rolls eyes:)… but unless i’m absolutely convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I typically play out the match and refuse, if necessary, rematch requests.

  46. Tence Wolfe says:

    I’m a terrible speller because of a form of dyslexia. Besides a lot of memorization I sometimes write the word in my smart phone notebook and manipulate it until I’m sure I’m spelling it right. Is that considered cheating? My last opponent resigned after I made an 83 point word with “Kitchens.” It was my second 7 letter word in the game. She accused me of using an app. I didn’t. An app for Kitchens? It’s a generic word for goodness sake. Even a bad speller like me drawing a K a C and an H can see it right away. There was an open T on the board and I had the rest of the letters. It was a perfect storm of good luck. She resigned in a huff and I feel really rotten. Thanks for letting me vent. – Tence (app-less)

    • Guy says:

      I would have also accused you of cheating. Yes, the word is common, and yes, it wouldn’t be too hard to form, given you had the appropriate tiles. But it was your second bingo of the game, and most people only get a single bingo every 4 or 5 games. But I’m sure the placement, and timing of the word was also suspicious to her. For instance, if you placed two bingos within a few turns of each other, and if you played the word just moments after she played her word, well then it starts to become too many coincidences. Just from reading your post, I would absolutely agree that you were using an aide to win the game. I really see no point in cheating to win. If you’re guaranteed to win every game with your program, then why play? That’s like setting up MMA fights with 1st graders, and then screaming in triumph when you beat the kid to death. If you can’t win without cheating, then either quit playing, or learn from your losses, and get better. This is exactly why I quit Words with Friends; The game is rife with cheaters. I much prefer Angry Words, and to a lesser extent, Word Feud.

      • Ron says:

        Wordfeud has a cheat app called Wordfeud Mastermind, so once again, that particular game is tainted as well. I just uninstalled and quit playing after an opponent coincidently got a bingo at the end of the game. I was down by 150 points, made a hell of a comeback and suddenly, he threw out a 70+ and 50+ word, including a bingo before I just resigned and uninstalled the App. This really takes the fun out of the game and all the work you put into it, especially coming back from a 150 point deficit. His bingo word was tabular and it happened within 30 seconds after I took my turn.

      • Sarah says:

        Program? Aid to win?! Really? He said he uses the notes program in his phone to play with words until he’s sure they’re spelled correctly. If you think using the notes app is cheating I can only imagine what you think of my using an actual dictionary…

      • Gerry says:

        A few people report suspicions when someone hits them with a bingo within seconds of them taking their turn. But I find it’s not that unusual to do this, because you’re studying the possibilities while the other person is thinking about their move – even anticipating letters they might place, like an i, so can whack in your q on a triple for the word qi. I hate the idea of using a cheat – where’s the satisfaction in that, you’re just kidding yourself.

      • wordresearcher says:

        Wow that is a huge assumption to make. I have had great games where i score over 50 several times, or games where i had a clear bingo if only the opponent would give me a spot to play it. Imo bingos are the easiest to see and play quickly, as opposed to the carefully placed 2 letter 40-50 pointer. Obviously the people on the world leaderboard for average word scores of over 100 have cheated, but most of us aren’t running in to those jerks. Just play on and take it as a challenge.

      • Liz june says:

        How ridiculous. I played National Scrabble for years, I know every 2 and 3 letter word by experience and memory. I have also learned the most flexible letters to keep to give me the higher chances of giving me a 7 letter word. In my years of playing professionally, it is not unusual to get a 7 letter words 3-4 times a game WITHOUT cheating. I’m talking 1-1 facing your opponent. You learn strategy, placement, when to keep, when to throw and of course, luck would never go amiss. You learn certain 6 letter words like SATINE etc, that whichever letter you pick up next will give you a 98% chance of a 7 letter word in your next play. However, having said that, I’ve also had games where all the changing in the world, the knowledge and strategy, does not help at all if you consistently pull out 4 Es and 2 Os. But those games are few and far between. Off competition and during practice within clubs, we use dictionaries between plays to expand our Vocabulary. That’s how we learn.Online is a complete new ball game. My point was, there are ways and possibilities for many players to produce 7 letter words consistently.

        • Kyle says:

          No one is personally accusing you of cheating. Just because you are honestly good at the game doesn’t mean others are not allowed to accuse people of cheating. No one is discrediting your skill. People do cheat, and people do well without cheating. Everyone recognizes that.

      • Jonathan says:

        I just got two bingos yesterday in a single game and with only four moves played. Actually I’ve yet to play the second but it can go in two spots. Both relatively simple words. I naturally check my next move upon completion of the last. And with a blank and the letters ing or eds it’s a piece of cake and I’m not a natural with anagrams I use process and practiced procedure. Checking prefixes and suffixes for example and while I have only gotten three this week, admittedly one day into the week I’m just getting good letters after a poor week last week. But alas no cheating. I do however not begrudge the use of anagram generaters. It’s not going to win you the game for certain. If you messaged me with an accusation like that I would think you were a Sooky mama. And a sore loser. Peace Earthling.

  47. Jamie ponto says:

    I will not play against cheaters. And, yes, I agree innocent until proven guilty. So I let about five fantastical and unlikely words go by….and then I quietly resign. No accusations, no fit, no meltdown. I just leave the game without explanation. My thinking is that cheaters know when they’re busted. I’ve never had any cheaters, as deemed by me, say even word one. I move on, they move on, the world keeps turning.

    • Tence Wolfe says:

      What if the player is just that good or skilled? WWF doesn’t have a single player mode so I practice with the Scrabble app set on Advanced mode. I keep a personal Logophile Lexicon of the fantastical words it comes up with which I’ve been setting to memory. It includes such stunners as Feh/Foh, Peh, Phut, Phuhs, Peyotl, Waterage, Ourebi/Ourebia, Karoo/Karroos, Slojd, and my personal favorite, Manihot.

      I’ve only been playing WWF for two weeks and didn’t even realize there were sophisticated cheat apps until someone accused me of using one. Until then I thought folks were just talking about word lists, like four letter words ending with i, not descramblers and the like. Maybe it is just a social game for fun, but for competitive types like me it’s discouraging to learn that while I’m wracking my brain to come up with the best play some folks are using apps to find a play in seconds. I don’t get it. What’s the point?

      • Pilar says:

        If you’re playing total strangers who have no idea that you are competitive to a degree bordering on obsessive, it’s not going to occur to them that anyone would bother to put that extreme amount of effort into a random game, so you should expect to run into the assumption that you’re using one of the cheat apps fairly frequently. This is one of those unfortunate situations where effort and cheating produce results that essentially look the same, so, sadly, the person who has expended the effort gets the short end of the stick.

      • ericoidx says:

        I’m accused of cheating on a regular basis by people who would not know a cheat if their opponent held 10 cards in their hand while playing poker. I’ve played scrabble and yahoo literati for years, which is why I’m good at the game, sometimes tallying 80 or so wins in a row. I assume you believe that getting a masters make’s one excellent at word games? No, it just means you put in the time, the effort, and daddy’s money to get a masters. Oh, and OPPONENTS is spelled with an O not an A.

    • Jim says:

      I am mid game with a so called friend and I am quite sure he is cheating. Here are his words so far. Atweens. Hogtie rodex. Myoid kahunas. Gamily deboners. Not even one so called normal word in between. I’m only 20 odd behind but I think I have more chance of winning the lottery than knowing the meaning of his next word.

  48. Beatriz says:

    Frankly, I love the game so much I don’t care if someone is cheating, becasue I win anyways! It’s how and where you place the letters, and no one can tell you how to do that!

    • Pilar says:

      Actually, after playing someone who repeatedly laid down 70 and 80 point words but doesn’t have a very good vocabulary and can’t spell particularly well, I did a little research and found out that there is in fact a site that you can literally load your game into, and it will turn out ridiculous words with high scores for you. That’s why I stopped playing the game; that and the fact that, as the Forbes blog piece said, I’ve gotten tired of people playing nonsense that will never be found in any dictionary (and I don’t mean utter nonsense from people who are using one of the cheat apps that will trick the game into accepting anything) while real words (i don’t mean proper nouns) are not accepted.

  49. frosty says:

    Is it cheating when you use Face to Face on the WWF menu to validate a word? Is it cheating when you see you have no move and just start placing tiles in a square and see whats happens?

    i guess i am a naive person, I don’t suspect a person is cheating because it could be a person who is reader, word smith or who’s vocabulary is larger and deeper than minds.

  50. Jaydog says:

    It is a social media game and therefore there is no way to enforce these so called rules so get over yourselves…if you don’t like playing against someone, bow out and never play them again….maybe you can agree to play with someone who will agree not to use any help, but how would you really know?

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