First Draw of the Swiss System

Written by Don

After a slightly delayed start the first draw has now been done. Looking at the matchups I’m pretty pleased with how it went. At the top of the leaderboard the new system will quickly sort out the best of the best. At the other end of the leaderboard our beginners are more evenly matched and a good number of them will now get their first wins on the board. If anybody was incorrectly excluded from the draw please send a message and we will investigate.

For those vying for title contention a single loss is no longer a “death sentence”. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that nobody gets through the rest of this month with a perfect record. ¬†Hopefully it makes for a more exciting finish with a number of our top players remaining in contention all the way to the end.

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18 Responses to “First Draw of the Swiss System”

  1. mom2boys3girls says:

    I played an opponent in Round 17 & just got assigned same one in Round 21. I am all for rematches, but on a monthly level.

    • Don says:

      It’s a delicate balance tweaking the algorithm. If this happens again please send an e-mail to let us know

  2. bloggermark says:

    Don and Debbie – I’m definitely in favor of the Swiss System. There are 2 things that will make it better.

    First, two players should never face each more than once; sounds like you’re addressing this in the matching logic soon. Second, the number of games played should weigh upon a players seeding. Note that NoMoreChances has a near-perfect record, but was recently paired with a player who had 100% for just one game completed. Better, I think, to have him play someone with 10 or more games, even if the win % is slightly lower.

    Last thing: It sure is nice to sit back and make suggestions! But I know how much work goes into what you’re doing (especially on the IT side). You’re doing a fantastic job!

  3. Camilla ((LS3000) says:

    I was drawn against ‘Eastwoman’ in round 10 and again in round 11. Is this just a coincidence or will players with the same win % have an increased chance of playing each other more than once in the period?

    • Don says:

      That’s a flaw I still need to add collision detection. That will come in in the next few days

      • Heidimn says:

        I’m getting duplicate matches, 3/18 and 3/28 Claytini, and 3/24 and 3/30 eeceebee. Just thought you should know the “collision detection” isn’t working perfectly.

        • Don says:

          At the moment we only scan a few days back to avoid collision detection. This is how it was under the old system. I’m looking to extend the window to a longer time frame

          • Heidimn says:

            Thanks, its all still new to me. Would it be absurd to change the collision detection to 30 days so you wouldn’t be playing the same people during the same month? Or would that change the ability to match comparable players too much?

        • Don says:

          Could be quite workable just need to experiment with the parameters and slowly tweak

          • Heidimn says:

            Thanks, makes sense to slowly tweak!

            I really appreciate your prompt responses and time attending to the site!

  4. Gary says:


    I’ve played 4 games and won all easily at the intermediate level. With so few games do you recommend moving up or playing more at this level?

    • Debbyoc says:

      The Swiss system will automatically start matching you with tougher opponents as you record more wins. It is not based on what skill level you have classified yourself as. Congrats on winning all four of your games. Tougher competition is in your horizon.

  5. Heagle says:

    I am NOT neutral on the Swiss. I like it

  6. bukivet says:

    Hey Don,
    So this morning I was told to play round 9 of daily with “DLaugh”. We finished the game. I went to record it and now the site says I should be playing “mo818″. On top of that I got an email that said I should play “TJsmith105″. Just a little confused. Which is the correct game?
    Thanks. BTW, I think Swiss system a great idea.

    • Don says:

      Three opponents is certainly not conducive to clarity! This should be fixed can you please try to enter the score and let me know if there are still issues. DLaugh is your opponent.

  7. Ahol1616 says:

    Hey Don it seems as though I am locked out of the daily. It tells me I am currently inactive and when I click re-join it says I am already joined. I can’t access anything to post results. Hoping you could help me out. Thanks.

    • Don says:

      Sorry about that :( It was a patch I put in to prevent double entry by users who clicked refresh. This should now work