Who should win the Words With Friends Daily Challenge?

Written by Don
I’m trying a new format whereby instead of soliciting blog feedback I am directly asking a question in the forum:

How should the winner of the daily challenge be determined?

To provide clarification on how this works, multiple answers can be provided. So if you think it should be a top 16 single elimination playoff, you can post your answer and provide as much detail as necessary.

Registered users of the site are eligible to vote for their preferred answer. The answers are sorted by votes so hopefully the best bubble to the top. For those of you who have already provided feedback feel free to simply copy and paste prior answers if you wish.

I’m hoping this will provide a better structure than chronological blog comments.

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12 Responses to “Who should win the Words With Friends Daily Challenge?”

  1. mike says:

    Nevermind cheaters…some people on this site need a lesson in respect, manners, and etiquette. Everyone acts like a tough guy hiding behind a phone screen…

  2. Cinco says:

    The top 16 playoff sounds like it makes the most sense to me.

  3. Just Play says:

    Part of being a great player, is the ability to be a gracious loser.

    I agree totally with Comedypace, there is a growing number of players whose natural abilities are questionable, but also many very bright players too.

    Perhaps we need to remember this app is called “Words with Friends”, and that when cheaters revel in their hollow victories, they are all but forgotton a few rounds later!

  4. Comedypace says:

    Oops… Forgot to say…

    Top 16 single elimination playoff

  5. Comedypace says:

    Oh yeah…I won the game, so this is not a “I lost so I’ll cry about it” session.

  6. Comedypace says:

    I have to say – I have enjoyed playing with you guys for a long time now.

    With that out of the way… I have seen so many players using outside help these days. It’s not hard to spot.

    There are many great players on here (I’m not going to list names because if I leave someone off I’ll feel bad)…but the amount of cheaters are growing at a rate that is going to ruin this site. They take the gun out of the competition.

    Good luck to everyone! Wishing you all hours of fair fun!

    • This is the most honest statement anyone has said on this site.
      I take pride in my play, but I have noticed a lot of people using “Outside Help” Let’s call it what it is. CHEATING.
      I hate to make this a “Cry me a River” tune, but it has to be addressed.
      I closed my down “www.wordswithfriendstournaments.com” for that reason alone. I had over 1100+ members and the emails were pouring in about people cheating.
      Just to shine some light on the subject, I will give you case and point. Along with some user names that came up. A lot of them are no longer active or have since change their user name. If they haven’t, they will.
      I played a player from http://www.wwfstats.com which is exactly what it is, a words with friends stats site. The first game I won convincingly. The words He or she used were 9th grade at best. They asked for a rematch, I won but by the hair of my “chinny chin chin.” Something was different. The words came from a person who had to have their Masters Degree. Words like ebonite, Caecum, Cystine and so on. After the game I asked how old they were. And the conversation went south from there. Shortly after, I get another game request from another user name who I played. They did not chat until I asked after they put 3 straight bingos in a row, within 15 Mins. Even I am not that good ;) . I’ve asked TRUE scrabble winners. (Tiler8) who is truly one of the best IMO. He said it takes him at least 10 Minutes to even put together one.
      Then while still in the game, I get a request from another player. Who later to find out ALL 3 is the same person. Kind of like how two players played each other in the last tournament. Both of which are the SAME person.

      To sum this thing up, I think this is a awesome and entertaining website. Don is bar none the perfect person for this. At some point you will have to deal with people using outside help, especially if money and prizes will be involved.

      • Don says:

        Edited similarly to remove specific identification. I’ve started a separate discussion topic here


        And provided two answers, one semi tongue-in-cheek. I think the main goal should be to come up with an agreed upon protocol for dealing with this issue. At the moment it is a blind spot in the system and it’s a priority issue that we are working toward addressing.

      • Tiler8 says:

        Thanks for the kind words, Marcus. :-)

        I have to say though that the amount of time it takes for me to find a 7+ letter word varies greatly. If it’s a word that comes up regularly in my study lists and it’s mostly made up of non-repeating 1 letter tiles, there’s a very good chance that I’ll find it in a matter of seconds.

        I think it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve played Scrabble in many online venues and there are people in some of them who will regularly accuse tournament Scrabble players like myself of cheating because we’re laying down words that “nobody could possibly know”. Nobody except for tournament Scrabble players who study those words and play them or see them played regularly, of course. This is why you usually see tournament Scrabblers only playing other tournament Scrabblers in those venues… to avoid unfair accusations of cheating, and because it’s usually more of a fair fight that way. :-)

        What indicates strongly to me that somebody I’m playing with online is probably cheating is if I see them playing words that I would expect to see from a top tier Scrabble player but their strategy appears to be bad. If I’m not nearly as impressed by someone’s strategic play as I am with their apparent word knowledge, that’s when I start thinking that they’re getting some help to find words that are above their pay grade.

        • Don says:

          Which does leave us in the unfortunate predicament of having a very small pool of people from whom we could select qualified adjudicators. If you have ever dreamt of a job where you get paid in smiles and thank yous please get in touch :-) All kidding aside it’s great to have a player of your generosity and caliber on the site.

    • Don says:

      I’ve had to edit the above post to remove references which could identify specific players. You can talk about the issue in general as much as you like. If you think a poor job is being done you can post that and I’m fine to let that stand. Although I am against censorship I do have to remove specific accusations because it’s too close to the point at which the host can unilaterally decide to shut down the site.