Words with friends daily challenge part two

Written by Don

The last post was prompted by an overwhelming groundswell of support, both public and private, for a playoff format for the daily challenge. The general sentiment being expressed was the sooner the better and in my eagerness I pulled the trigger a bit too early.

As was rightly pointed out the rules should be clearly stated in black and white prior to the commencement of the round. Furthermore it seems further engagement is necessary to determine the optimal format. Therefore the playoff format will officially commence for the March round. By this point the rules will be clearly posted in the words with friends “Daily Challenge” rules accessible from the top of the screen.

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2 Responses to “Words with friends daily challenge part two”

  1. Jean boyton says:

    How do I get the daily challenge ?

  2. Terri says:

    How do I get started with daily challenge. There is nothing for me to click on