Change of Site Owner/Operator

Written by bloggermark

It’s with mixed emotions that I announce that I have entered into an agreement to transfer this site to a new operator: Don Nguyen of Sydney, Australia. I have spent a great deal of time getting to know Don and hear his vision for the site, and I’m confident he’s got the skill, drive, and ingenuity to take to new heights.

More information to follow later, but I just wanted to let you all know now.

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12 Responses to “Change of Site Owner/Operator”

  1. jcom10 says:


    I know I’ve written you privately regarding the incredible job you’ve done. As I was part of the March tournament, I must be one of your longest followers. I’ve observed the remarkable development of your website, your creative application of “community” ideas, and seen your outstanding ability at impartial problem resolution. We’ve shared and laughed at some “truth is stranger than fiction” story development. If nothing else, you would make a great mystery novelist!

    Always holding on to my championship WWF t-shirt and knowing you will make the best of all opportunities you make,

    :) Jay

  2. bloggermark says:

    Evil, Spelled, Comedy, Maaria, Debby, et al — You guys are the stars of this site. I have enjoyed watching your exploits; you bring excellence and class to how the game is played. Not sure how many days I’ll be at the controls here, but even after the turnover, I’m going to be competing. So watch out for me! :-)

    • maariakhaleel says:

      I was always looking fwd to play against you in or outside but never got opportunity to do …hope we can play some time my un is maaria786…Thanks for ur co-operation whenever needed

      • maariakhaleel says:

        I was always looking fwd to play against you in or outside tournament but never got opportunity to do …hope we can play some time my un is maaria786…Thanks for ur co-operation whenever needed

  3. Mish says:

    Congratulations on the sale Mark!

    I have known Don for a number of years and i’m positive with his skills and passion, that the WWF site will do well in the future.

    Best of luck Don!

  4. I’m happy to see you are advancing at work. That means you are working :0).

    For as the site. I pray that the next owner have as much enthusiasm as you and also the fiery passion you had for the tourneys.

    I have decided not to renew my lease on my website. I couldn’t find a person who had similar values and love for the game. My ministry is far more important than this. Plus you just need one Tourney site and I’m endorsing this one!

    Side Note – Let’s hope Zynga finds a way to cut down on the cheating as well. There are more and more people making the game less desirable to play because they want to win at all cost.

    In finishing, I pray the the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family. And may you continue to be obedient to His divine Word. May your peace rest in Him!. Bless you Brother mark! Let’s do lunch. I’m Buying!

    Site Owner

    WWF UN ” AllaboutJesus”

    Marcus Robinson

    • bloggermark says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Marcus. You have been a valuable confidant, both as a fellow site operator and as a friend.

      I know Don’s gonna continue with the passion for bringing a valuable service to the WWF community.

      I agree with you, as for me, it’s really all about Jesus, and I do want to bring him glory w/ my life. Hope I’ve been able to do that a while here, and now on to other things for both of us.

      Lunch sounds great! I should have a bit more time now. LOL!

  5. maariakhaleel says:

    You did a great job of running this site really loved being part of it wish you best of luck in everything you do

  6. Debby says:

    I wish I had gotten my ducks in a row!

    Good luck Mark.

  7. I Spelled says:

    I wish you much sucess. You have created a site that many word lovers enjoy. Auf Weidersein meine fruend. (Good bye my friend)

  8. Comedypace says:

    Thanks for all you did to bring this site together. You have brought hours-days-months of fun to many people!

    Wishing you an awesome 2011!!!

  9. John says:


    Great news but sad news. We all love what you’ve done. We love the values you stand for. It was a short but hectic ride for you and your family. I’m only pissed about two things: 1) I didn’t find you the buyer. 2) I didn’t join this site earlier — I hesitated too long.

    Bon voyage buddy. Mahalo. You are a prince.

    Evil, Ph.D.