Happy New Year!

Written by bloggermark

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration. Also wanted to share a few notes:

  1. The two finalists for December are “Evil, PhD” and “mleher”. They will face off in a final contest, and I’m leaving it up to them to decide if it’s a single match, a best 2 of 3, or a sumo wrestling event. (You guys should initiate a game 1 now and use chat to decide up front whether you’ll plan for a series or not).
  2. I’ve initiated a new daily challenge series for January. If you choose to join it, you won’t be assigned an opponent until midnight Pacific.
  3. The December daily challenge remains open for recording of yesterday’s match results only; it will automatically close at midnight Pacific and no further editing will be possible, so finish those games if you want them to count for your win %.
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