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Thinking about January

Written by bloggermark

Hello, All. I’m pleased to see so many people still engaged in the November Daily Tournament. I will keep it going in January. However, due to my ridiculously busy life, I will NOT be initiating another Monthly Tournament (i.e., best 2 of 3 elimination format) this January.

At this point, unless one of the two top competitors chooses to play another regular daily game and risk losing (and why would they?), we know who the finalists are. Only two players will finish the month with perfect 100% win ratios: “Evil, PhD” and “mleher.”

Opus61 was stopped, just 3 games short of reaching the final, by debbyoc. Debby is dangerous, so that’s not surprising. But that development probably came as a huge relief to the members of the 20+ 100% club.

lbonomo is another whose would-be perfect record was thwarted by a loss to — you guessed it — debbyoc. Maybe we’ll call debby the WWF dreamkiller, LOL! Just kidding! Debby’s a fun competitor and a great sport.

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3 Responses to “Thinking about January”

  1. Joel says:

    I like the top 16 tourney! Its so fun to play against the best. Everyone has been awesome to play with…even the newbies. They ask a lot of questions and I always answer with my thoughts (most don’t understand how simple playing defense will help them)

    Thanks again for the tourneys…you guys rock!


  2. jcom10 says:

    First, I want to congratulate Evil,PhD and mleher. They went 20-0, and they are clearly a step above the rest of us!

    Now, a little commentary: This is one fantastic and inclusive tournament. But, more than that, and this is not to take anything away from Hogpower and rfar45, but, this tournament is, like Evil,PhD and mleher, clearly a step above the other tournament. Of course, this is one person’s opinion. This tournament is so demanding that a player simply cannot lose a single game. And, at the same time, if a player has lost a game or two, they are not eliminated and still have hope. They probably hope that the top players will run into Debbyoc…..the angel of fun and dea….you get the idea!!!

    Now, I want to suggest an idea: Here you have players like Ibonomo, opus61, jrod1982, schristian1, comedypace, and somewhere in the mix lurks Debbyoc! These players are winning games at an incredible clip. I believe it was the 1981 Cincinnati Reds that had the best record in the National League…and failed to make the playoffs (strike, split season)! So, what of these good, solid players. Do we leave them without hope, a dangling carrot hanging over a sheer precipice? Why not give purpose to the 1981 Reds’ (and, I’m a Dodgers’ fan!) season of futility?

    Why not have a tournament at the end of three months? Who is eligible? The top sixteen players with the most wins! Ties for the last spot: MOV. Format? Every player plays every other player twice (thirty games, thirty days…do I have that right: 16-1=15*2). Tie-breaker? MOV/MOL.

    What do others think?

    • nick says:

      only a Dodger fan could cook up such a lop- eared idea for a tournament. ( lol) honestly, it sounds pretty good- except I wonder if it would be possible to play that many games in one month. the 24 hr rule would have to becomea hard deadline.