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Don’t Misuse the “Withdraw” Option

Written by bloggermark

As with any loophole or ploy, there is a risk in addressing it openly (i.e., 95% of people would never have considered it), but to establish clear expectations for all, I’m going to do so.

Please do not withdraw from the Daily Challenge tournament with the sole intention of skipping the nightly random matching. I realize some players might do this to time the notification of a new opponent, or perhaps to avoid drawing the same player twice, or maybe escaping the dreaded duplicate assignment. However, it appears to some that you’re trying to draw newer and/or less committed players to gain an advantage.

I haven’t figured out a way to prevent this practice, and I don’t want to over-police (that’s no fun), so just let it be known that you can and should withdraw only to take a break for at least one round.

By the way, I have gotten player complaints about this, which prompted this clarification. Thanks for your cooperation!

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4 Responses to “Don’t Misuse the “Withdraw” Option”

  1. TwistyTiler says:

    I am also having to rejoin every few days myself. It seems to happen when I have a game that’s taking a while to complete and has not been reported withing 48 hours.

  2. Eloisa says:

    What is the best time to rejoin, so as to get on the last round, and avoid drawing an unmatched opponent from the previous round?

  3. Joe445 says:

    I am probably an offender too – but not by choice. I seem to have to rejoin every couple days no matter what.

  4. Jcom10 says:

    And, I have to admit: I am one of the offenders! For me, though, it’s such a nice option that you’ve put in. It allows for choice. I find myself unsure of whether I want to be assigned a game for the following day. Then, if I have the time and the drive, I re-join. As a matter of fact, I just lost to an opponent after I “re-joined”. Then, when I was auto-assigned an opponent for today (a very nice and responsive player), I won the game by 200+. So, I think it can work both ways. One way of eliminating any unfair advantage is to not list the names of un-matched players at the bottom of the results. Jay